Landor Interview

# Friday, March 29, 2002::14:43:51 :: Now logging session to C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\landor.txt Landor says 'alright im checking my webpage soo fine by me'. A long tall Thing stands before you his eyes conceale darknes and suffering. His eyes show that he do not care who you are, or how good you are, only why you are here and why you are not running.. He have a long cape with a red text writen the four letters AotC.. His charms as well as his powers show you that he is from a royal family but also showing marks in his hands from combat and blood spill.. This man is not a man or a thing he is an Apostle of the Crypt.. ----------------------------------------------------. AotC webpage is at aply now and you will feel the power of unity as one. Join today and get satus tomorow.. Landor is in excellent condition.. You say [OOC] 'Ok... ready.'. From now on, you will only hear says and emotes.. The Blue Moon Tavern. There are a flight of stairs leading down right here, into what looks. like to be a bar. North large glass windows look out into the street. From. here you can see Market Square and the Festival Square. You see the great. fountain flow with the waters of the river. . [Exits: south west down] [Doors: none]. A large round table with a candle sits in the middle of the room.. Landor AotC Leader & Webmaster is here.. [..C.........] A cave bear sits here awating its masters command.. You say [OOC] 'Ok... ready to begin?'. You tell Landor 'ooc - Can we start?'. Landor says 'how do you say OOC?'. Landor says 'anyway yes im ready'. Landor drinks water from a magical spring.. You say [OOC] 'sayooc'. Landor says [OOC] 'yes im ready'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... we'll start out IC - In Character.'. You say 'Who are you, Landor?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Krogenar listens patiently.. You raise your eyebrow at Landor.. You smile happily.. Landor says 'Do you me as a peson or me in the AotC... IRL?'. You say [OOC] 'As you are in the AotC.'. Landor says 'ok'. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'Ok let me take this from the beginning it might be interesting'. You nod at Landor.. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'I started playing from school thanx too a friend and after maby a month or so Rayzor contacted me asking if I wanted too join AotC. I asked little about it but I enjoyed the idea of being recruited becuse I have had good memberships in other Clans in ot'. . Landor says 'her games who led too an higher status becuse people thaught I were active and liked that also I wanted an group who I culd feel loyalty and friendship too...'. . You nod at Landor.. . Landor says 'So I descided too join up...'. You say [OOC] 'Where are you from? IRL?'. Landor says 'wait there is more'. Landor says ';-)'. Krogenar nods to Landor, and listens.. . Landor says 'For start I talked too Rayzor and Phelan who were the Leaders not too visian becuse I never saw him in... Later I asked if they had an webpage and thay said no... I asked if I culd do one... and there were an agreement.....'. You nod.. Landor says 'I did an webpage but I trow away it becuse it were too bad...'. Landor says 'Later an better webpage come up... after some while I were asked too be an Leader... that I become and here I am'. You nod.. You smile happily.. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'You culd say Im the more diplomatic Leader in the Cult but the other have much more WD experience...'. Landor smiles happily.. You say [OOC] 'Where are you from? IRL?'. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'I am a boy on 16 years from sweden... I have been intersted in Fantasy since 4 years back Ivae played Magic, Vampire, D&D... and other stuff like that... Also some sees me as an computer geek I wuld gues its true (although my three comps is dead ;-)'. Landor says 'I have an easy way too look at life'. You chuckle at its joke.. You say [OOC] 'How do you look at life?'. Landor eats a slice of pizza.. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'Well... I dont care if someone wuld blow up the worl if it only didnt affect me... And I belive in an eye for ten in the meaning I dont mess wth you or cause trouble as long you dont do the same with me'. Landor smiles happily.. Krogenar nods solemnly.. Krogenar scratches his head.. You say [OOC] 'Ok...'. You say [OOC] 'What can you tell me about The Apostles of the Crypt?'. You say [OOC] 'What's is the goal of your cult?'. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'Were a very new Cult in Waterdeep as I understand (I werent in from the start...)... We belive in brotherhood and loyalty and we shuld threat all our members with love and chareisse them... also...'. Landor says 'We belive in RaGnArOk and we follow our lord Kefka...'. Landor says 'We belive also in my personal belive dont mess with us and we wont mess with you...'. You nod at Landor.. You say 'What are your goals? Do you plan on speeding up Ragnarok's fall?'. Landor says 'Also were an... hmm must find the word wait..'. You say 'Cult?'. Landor says 'Were an democratic sosciaty were we listen too our member trhough the webpage and all descissions is either descided by all members or the council or only the Leaders depending on its nature'. Landor says 'yes cult'. Landor says 'Why?'. You say 'So... you all get a vote? In your cult?'. Landor says 'Well It depends on the nature...'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Are there any requirements to being an Apostle?'. Landor says 'Its part of the unity... and we like it that way... as I understand'. You say [OOC] 'Are there any requirements to being an Apostle?'. Landor says 'Well right now the rules changed some days back too becuse we made an major rule list its first tier lvl 50 and soon you will need an RP histroy in someway... Also most od the recruitments is voted upon'. You say [OOC] 'Do you have to be undead?'. You say [OOC] 'A zombie, lich, etc?'. Krogenar tilts his head, and listens.. Landor says 'Well... not realy In the beginning it was soo but I had a friend who wanted too join Highlander who is my Right Hand also and he were a Warior soo we discussed it and we formed it in anotherway'. Landor says 'Were Undead But not in the way of Lich zombie and soo on'. Landor says 'The undead takes many forms'. You say 'So... if I'm a normal human... NOT undead... I could join?'. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'As said the undead takes many forms... if only meaning that you have the soul of an dead man in you... not nesesary undead in the meaning of your race..'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Also... a little while back, Grobnak, leader of The Jihad, noted that AotC's 'mission statement' was very similar to his organization's... how did that happen?'. Landor says 'Well Burnx who wrote the History had no idea that the two historys were simmilar and i can promisse if we had an idea of thet the prposal wuld never had been accepted... We got help from Grobbie Who became VIP for a while on the webpage... and sorted this out... soo there were no hard feelings..'. Landor says 'Were also hoping on future co operation with Jihad'. Landor says 'But thats only on proposal'. You say [OOC] 'What kind of cooperation?'. Landor says [OOC] 'May I ask a question?'. You say [OOC] 'Would you ever merge into one cult?'. Landor says 'Well cooperation in what ways is only discussed i cant say too much... but emerge in too one Cult I dont think that wuld happend and the propposal have never come up so probobly no'. Landor says [OOC] 'May I ask a question Krogenar?'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Ask away.'. Landor says [OOC] 'Ok Im a sweed as said correct my misspelings pls and any form of sentences that maby wuld not be understand... its kindda embarasing for me... ;-)'. You say [OOC] 'No worries!'. Landor says [OOC] 'thanx'. You say [OOC] 'I don't care about your spellings.'. Landor says 'Good...'. You say [OOC] 'What is your question?'. Landor says 'It were that actuely ;-)'. You say [OOC] 'No problem...'. You say [OOC] 'Also...'. Landor says 'I dont like my english while im at a comp'. Landor says 'yes'. You say [OOC] 'What do you see in AotC's future?'. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'I se many more members as the Cult has grown very fast since my first apperance were about 33 members right now... also I can see another future that I dont know If Im alowed too talk about but wait a while and see what happends...'. Landor says 'Also I see our newbie stamp is going too dessapear soon...'. You say [OOC] 'Ah... c'mon! Tell me!'. You raise your eyebrow at Landor.. You say [OOC] 'Newbie stamp?'. You say [OOC] 'What is that?'. Landor says 'Well some of the WD people thinks were all newbies... and thats true in one way... I can understand them becuse AotC in the beginning recruited people who were at lvl 10 or maby less and that has put its marks on us...'. You nod at Landor.. Landor says 'Some fuck also created an fake application'. Landor says 'It said Newbiefuckers as login I think and or something like that in email'. You say [OOC] 'So when you say, 'newbie stamp' - you mean people think of you as a bunch of newbies?'. Landor says 'I cant understand those childly games...'. You say [OOC] 'They don't take you seriously?'. You nod at Landor.. Landor says 'Yes'. Landor says 'and no'. Landor says 'Some dont'. Landor says 'Same do'. Landor says 'But Phelan have gotten serious pissed of some times when people starts telling him that AotC is a bunch of newbies'. Landor says 'But I dont know maby their afraid or something...'. Landor says 'Or they dont have a life...'. You say [OOC] 'How many HERO's does the cult have?'. Landor says 'Ohh too your last question ;-)'. You say [OOC] 'You have 2 HEROs?'. Landor says 'I dont know... I dont keep track but Its about maby 15 or more I think more'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Do you have plans to try to become a clan?'. Landor says 'No'. Landor says 'We like what we are'. Landor says 'And as noticed sometimes we have a lot off activity for being a cult...'. Landor says 'As read in the news we have put in an application on becomeing faction'. You say [OOC] 'Do you think you'll get it?'. Landor says [OOC] 'Yes Im hoping my guts out...'. You say [OOC] 'What township would you like?'. Landor says 'Thats still discussed... But if you wait I sec I can take a look on what we have been voting for...'. Landor says 'alright?'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'I have to go soon though..'. Landor says 'Found it'. You say [OOC] 'What areas are available?'. Landor says 'Darrowmere is discussed'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Ok... before I go... one last question.'. Landor says 'Well... I dont realy know... Those who are not taken I guess...'. You say [OOC] 'Why should people consider joining your cult?'. You say [OOC] 'What does it have that others don't?'. You say [OOC] 'Why not join Jihad instead?'. Landor says 'The whole idea behind the cult is friendship and brotherhood we belive in helping echother in anyway also if one join you culd be sertain in an important role in the Cult if you do well in AotC...'. You nod at Landor.. Krogenar listens.. Landor says 'Well we have had new members comming every week... also We have an great acctivity... when im online anyway'. You nod at Landor.. You say [OOC] 'Ok.... one more question.'. You say [OOC] 'Where do you think your cult needs to improve? To get better?'. Krogenar listens to what Landor has to say.. Landor says 'If someone wants too join Jihad thats their descission... one shuld join whatever one feels looks the best. I think AotC is the best but you dont have too think soo therefor I cant answer I like AotC and il always be AotC... those joing Jihad doo their own descissions'. You nod at Landor. Landor says 'But if someone Joins AotC they will never be alone'. You say [OOC] 'What are your cults weak points?'. You say [OOC] 'What would you like to see improve?'. Landor says 'Well we have no real gathering point exept our three airships and we are too trusting sometimes when someone wants too join... but other than that i cant think of right now'. Landor says 'I wuld like too improve the acctivity on the webpage not in login in but in posting and having discussions We have a lot of them but I would always want too know what the people think'. You nod at Landor.. You say [OOC] 'Is there anything you'd like to add? Something I didn't ask you about?'. Landor says 'Well... no I think thats about covers it... and may I have an copy of the interview when you are done edeting it?'. You say 'sure! It'll be on the website.'. You thank Landor heartily.. You say 'Thanks a lot.'. Landor says 'you too'. You bow before it.. You wave goodbye to Landor.. Landor thanks you heartily.. Landor bows before you.. You smile at it.. A two dimensional black door appears and you step into it and disappear.. # Friday, March 29, 2002::15:37:34 :: Log Closed.