Leroy, JoyBringer Chapter 1

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They jabbed at Leroy's sides, rifling through his pockets and pulling at
his knapsack. He pulled away from the children and held his arms up in
mock surrender.
The older dwarf eyed them carefully. He nodded to Eron, who was maybe
six winters of age. At a nearby fence, Eron's father pushed hogs from
their pen, into a wheeled wagon -- but watching with a bemused smile.
Eron ran forward to Leroy, who slipped a thick-fingered hand into his
coat pocket. Leroy mugged, contorting his face as though the effort to
extricate the object was perhaps too great. Eron laughed and kicked at
Leroy, grabbed his arm and tried to pull it from his coat.
The other village children broke ranks, and surrounded the dwarf,
laughing and trying to push him over.
Eron pouted. "Please?"
Leroy grinned. "I hate you little punks, you know that, right?"
They nodded. The grey-haired dwarf swept away the autumn leaves from a
nearby patch of level ground and placed a small metal object in the
Eron picked it up, marveling at it - a hand's height, with blocky metal
arms and a squared off head. The arms resisted his attempts to move
"No, no! Like this." Leroy twisted the head round several times and
placed the toy man on the ground. It walked forward, and then its head
spun, spewed sparks, and continued its march.
The farmer's son grabbed the metal man, protecting it from the other
children's gropings. The smiling mob of children rushed back to Leroy,
who had assumed a defensive crouch.
"It's Eron's - you know how I feel about thieves, eh?"
"A dragon? Maybe I could?"
"No, it's all I have - check back next week!"
Standing barely four feet tall himself, Leroy pushed past the children,
laughing. He skipped past, turning, and called back to them while
trotting in reverse.
"If I hear that someone took it from Eron, or crying, then nothing for
anyone. Hear me?"
An older farmer commented as Leroy sauntered past,
"The boy would be better off working, ye know that, Leroy?"
He grumbled, "Not playing with," he motioned with a hand, "toys!"
Leroy spun, retorted: "No, Tauchis, I don't know that."
The dwarf tapped out a beat on the farmer's wooden fence, his feet
moving in time with his hands. Tauchis passed the long wooden handle
of his rake to his other hand, vaguely annoyed at Leroy's use of his
fence. He stared at the fence, suddenly a musical instrument.
Leroy smiled, tapped out a beat that sounded like it should accompany
the farmer's look of shock.
"Let the boy have his Joy, Tauchis. He has the rest of his life to be a
crap farmer!"
Tauchis grimaced and Leroy smiled wider, ended his drum solo, and then
strode towards Westbridge, humming to himself. Tauchis shouted at his
back, "Fert'lizer, they call it! Not crap!"
The weird dwarf's laughter echoed back to the farmer, who stared at the
mound of dung, wondering.