The Life and Pains of a Bird, Pt.1

Sunday, March 29, 2015 - 22:49

He was pouring over the books that Rowina had called from her library to
teach him the spells he would need to take another form. He looked over
all of the polymorph incantations, recalling Rowina's words as he
studied. "Learning all the spells in one sitting would be ridiculous,
so just scan the lesser spells to pick up the basics of the magic, that's
the easiest way to learn the more complicated incantation." her words
echoed in his mind, as he had been scanning the entirety of the
incantation to make up for his own lack of study.

He focused on the single incantation, his eyes and mind focusing and
taking it in. He began to whisper the incantation, pausing before
finishing the incantation, looking to Rowina, "I believe I have the
wording down, but the pronunciation I may have incorrect, what do you
think?" he says before repeating the incantation for Rowina, again
pausing on the last word so as to not complete it. Rowina listened to
the incantation and corrected him on a few words nodding, "Very clever
of you love, NOW, for the Shapechange spell." as she moves another tome
in front of him.

"This spell differs primarily in that is safer for the caster and you have
more flexibility within the spell, you can change your shape from whatever
you like within the duration of the spell, this includes inanimate
objects." Rowina says walking to the other side of the table, watching as
he begins to study the new incantation. His mind wanders as he studies the
incantation, thinking about what sorts of things he would want to be. His
study so immersed he didn't notice Rowina giving him a wicked smile as she
sits in the chair watching him before whispering a few words, a soft hoot
catches his attention to look upon a snowy white owl sits on the back of
the chair, its golden eyes watching him with intent and intelligence.

He watches the owl winging gracefully and silently around the room smiling,
proud of his love and her talent. He looked back down the tome studying and
felt a furry head rest on his leg, he looks down to a black wolf looking at
him tongue lolling before watching Rowina change back to normal, "That is
quite impressive my love, I'm sure you have many other forms." he says
glancing at the tome catching the last of the incantation. Rowina smiles
and says softly "It's always best if possible to choose a form that is
reasonably intelligent as you can maintain the forms longer without losing
parts of yourself. Even so, when you stay in a form too long, certain things
start to look tasty to you." he chuckled turning back to the tome.