Mini Runs

What's an 'Mini Run'?

It's your character's chance to battle part of the game world's most difficult mobs and navigate its most dangerous areas. Not all of these Mini Runs are suitable for lower level characters, but you're welcome to group with other players to improve your chances of victory. These activities are not necessarily as difficult as a 'Hero Run' as some of them can be completed solo. There are a few special Mini Runs that must be open to complete, to check their status please go to Adventures Unlimited located 2s4wsw from Westbridge recall.



  • Location: Forest of Destruction
  • Suggested group: Soloable with most classes
  • Reward: Leather Breeches
  • Available: Any time

Located in the repeating maze inside the Forest, move 2wn repeatedly until you see a down exit. Move three down and kill the behir. He has a chance to kill you instantly so you should be familiar with how to quickly return to the room. He does not deal heavy damage. Bring the loot from behir to Gunderwhelp in Forest of Destruction and drop the horns on the ground. Give Gunderwhelp 1 silver, say "take your damn horns" and "reward".


Cloud Strife

  • Location: Northern Crater. Go through the tunnels and enter the lifestream.
  • Suggested group: Mercenary and healer
  • Reward: Cloud Hair Spike
  • Available: Any time
  • Gate: heide

Once in the lifestream the room furtherst down contains Jenova Death. When she dies, she will drop a portal on the ground that will lead you to Cloud. He is not aggressive so you may enter and finish battle preparations in the room with him. While not especially tough to kill he has an mprog named "Knights of the Round", dealing massive damage to everyone in the room regardless of engagement. The best strategy is to bring many mass healing potions. Use full heal as often as possible and supplement with mass healing potions.



Phaerrem Orb

  • Required: Wizard (Setup), Priest, Strider/Monk

There are many uses for these dark orbs, they can be good or evil, in order to do much of the Dlab related tasks you will need the dark orb. Using a  wizard you need to get to the room in the SW corner of the Dlab Ruins called "A Crumbling Enchanted Garment Shop" where there will be up to two Corpus Naga mobs, kill them both to loot an item called a jade stone. After you have the stone your next location is a room WNE from Carnot called "Street of Sorrows End" be visiblead and drop the stone, this will transfer you to a room with the bone key of Dlargradeth Keep on the ground that you will pickup, move south back to Sorrows End.

Dlargradeth Keep is located W5NW from Carnot, unlock so uth but you must summon your party at this point because the next few rooms are no-magic until you get to the boss room (you may need to kill demons) Follow the path down into the keep to the Phaerrem Sorcerers, which is a very simple fight.


Druth Daern

  • Available:  Check Adventures Unlimited

The process below is for killing Druth Daern. The setup to reach him will remain exclusive until it becomes ubiquitous knowledge to players. These instructions begin with the party at the center of the Temple with the door to Druth closed.


  • Suggested party: Two Priests (one tank, one healer), two Gladiators (for bash/stun) and three Mercenaries (for general damage). Striders are essentially worthless as they don't deal worthwhile damage. All combat classes should group together with the tank Priest. Druth blinds anyone in the room frequently so every party member should have both Priests friended to receive cure blindness, heals and cancellation to deal with weaken.

Before beginning the run in ernest, one party member needs to enter Druth's room and die. Druth will sometimes throw the party member out instead of killing him. Repeatedly enter until the member dies. This only happens once, so get it out of the way now.


The tank Priest enters the room first. Do not immediately follow as just like with the sacrificial party member, Druth may throw them back out of the room. Once the Priest is engaged, the rest of the party can follow the same process to enter. Remember he will frequently blind people in the room, so Mercenaries will need to strike. If the healer gets engaged they should flee and return. The healer's priority order should be healing the tank, curing Gladiators of their blindness and curing their own blindness so they can recite. Once Druth reaches 5%, he will begin to quickly heal every round of combat. The large group suggested above should be able to deal enough damage to finish him off. One Gladiator should deathtouch while the other continues to bash to help land more damage during rounds.


After Druth dies, a party member who is not entangled should go west and loot his corpse. The corpse will rot along with everything in it if not looted quickly, including the key for the treasure room. Loot the skeletons in the treasure room and unlock/open the altar to loot it. The altar contains a Necrotic Brand and two candelabras that combine to make The Eternal Orb of Magefire. Most of the party will be entangled, blind and weakened. It will take some time after looting the treasure room to cure all these spells. The holder of the key from Druth's corpse should remain behind in case the doors shut if the area resets during this phase. Once everyone is cured, leave the area and lotto as usual.


Forest of Destruction

Forest of Destruction: Tower

Warning: This area is flagged FREEPK. Enter at your own risk with a group you trust.

  • Location: Northeastern corner of the Cemetery
  • Suggested group: Gladiator/Strider tank, healer and two Mercenaries. It can be done with less but may take extremely long to complete.
  • Rewards: Human Skull Helm, A Spear called "Soul Drinker" and other minor items
  • Available: Check Adventures Unlimited

You can fight the mobs through the Cemetery or cast blindness them and flee to make it through. Once you enter the tower, you cannot turn back. There are four levels to the tower with each level having a boss. There is also a final mob at the very top.

  1. Ice: Use flaming weapons. The mobs here bash so you should not use a vuln bash tank.
  2. Fire: Use freezing weapons. The mobs here dispel and the healer should keep an eye on the tank's sanctuary.
  3. Lightning: Use acidic weapons.
  4. Death: Use holy or piercing weapons. The mobs here energy drain targets in the room randomly.

At the top of the tower is the Demon Knight of Chaos. He wanders between the two rooms at the top. One of the rooms can be recalled from, the other is no_recall. He can be energy drained and dispelled. He has an mprog that deals approximately 2500 damage through sanctuary to everyone in the room. The best way to counter this is to quaff mass healing potions after every time the mprog hits.


Forest of Destruction: Crypt

Warning: This area is flagged FREEPK. Enter at your own risk with a group you trust.

Crypt is best performed just after a crash/reboot of the game. All melee characters should wield holy weapons for the entire run. The hallway leading to the final boss will not have as many mobs to kill if you catch it early enough. The hallway will load two different types of mobs, Tortured Souls and Enslaved Souls. Tortured Souls should be targeted first as they frequently cast meteor swarm. Enslaved souls frequently cast divine wrath, so the healer should keep an eye on everyone's sanctuary. As you work your way south, you will find yourself at a small crossroad leading east and south. South is a shop that sells fragments to make The Redeemer of Souls. It takes five fragments to make a Redeemer and they cost 2k platinum each. East the hallway filled with Souls continues leading up to Lord Vindigar, the final mob. He has a small lifeforce that can be energy drained and is simple to kill after making it through the hallway, vulnerable to pierce.


Gillentalis the Great Wyrm

  • Location: Inside a puddle in the Forest
  • Suggested group: Soloable with most classes
  • Reward: Axe of the Nine Hells
  • Available: Any time

Once you locate and enter the puddle, Gillentalis will be at the end of the path. He is a simple hack and slash kill. After he dies, loot the chest for your reward.


Infernal Genesis

  • Location: Darrowmere
  • Suggested group: Mercenary and healer
  • Reward: low chance of Pure Darkness
  • Available: Any time

Locate a mansion in the southeast section of town. Find Hawke in the upstairs bedrooms and kill him to obtain his staff, which is a key used to gain access to the room with Infernal Genesis. Head to the basement and kill both mobs in a room guarding the entrance to the initial mob. These guards can either be killed or scared. Once you enter and kill the initial mob the Infernal Genesis will spawn. Blind him to reduce his damage. Simple hack and slash will kill him.



  • Location: Misty Forst
  • Suggested group: Mercenary and healer
  • Rewards: low chance of a Irridescent stone of tears, chance of Armlet of Luck (mid-range leveler wrist item), chance of a healing potion and chance of no reward
  • Available: Any time

Located in a hidden part of the northeast of Misty Forest, Legadrialas is an old mage located up a tree. He has sanctuary and protection evil, so adjust your alignment to neutral or good before engaging him and have protection good cast on yourself. He is vulnerable to fire damage. Once under 20% he will begin dealing increased damage and will likely blind anyone he is engaged with. Potential rewards will be in his corpse.


Mist Dragon

  • Location: Village of Mist
  • Suggested group: Healer and Mercenary. Can also be soloed with a res slash Strider.
  • Rewards: A Pendant of Neverhaze, Concealing Mist and A Buckler of Mist (leveler shield)
  • Available: Any time
  • Find Baravor in the Caves of Mist and kill him. He is in a hidden room. This is best done with a Wizard because he has some lifeforce to work through and he teleports around the Caves of Mist for which scrye comes in handy. He has a high chance to drop the Gem of Mist.
  • Bring the Gem of Mist from Baravor to the Chapel of Neverhaze, also a hidden room. Rest with the gem in your inventory. If nothing happens, stand and hold the gem in your hand and rest again. You will be transferred to a new room with the First Elder who will after a moment give you a Scroll of Neverhaze.
  • Go to the Village of Mist and enter the book shop with the Scroll in your inventory. The shopkeeper will buy the scroll from you and list a key for sale, which you need to buy.
  • In the northeastern house, there is a hidden down exit. The key from the book shop will unlock it. Move down. The room will appear to be completely empty but there is a hidden portal that you can use "enter 1." to access.
  • The Mist Dragon is to the north. He does 400-500 slashing damage in a single hit (and can hit up to three times per round), an mprog that deals 1800 damage and an mprog that will cast lightning, flame, frost and acid breath simultaneously. A two person group is recommended. It can be soloed with a Elf Strider equipped with 100+ mass healing potions. The Mist Dragon drops the Buckler of Mist on death.
  • On death, the Mist Dragon will transport everything in the room to a new room where you will fight The Incarnate of Bitter Sorrow. This mob will die extremely easy compared to the Mist Dragon. Pick up Concealing Mist when it dies.
  • Open the shattered maousolem and get the Pendant of Neverhaze.


Myth Drannor

  • Suggested group: Wizards only
  • Available: Any time
  • Red Wyrm: On the west side of town, you'll find a down exit that is pickable using a Wizard's demon. The central room in this small area has a locked door west. Use the demon once again to pick the door and kill the wyrm. Bring some healing potions. Rewards: White dragonscale armor, Demon tongue whip
  • Central alhouns: In the center of town there is a room with two alhouns in it and a pickable exit down. Kill both alhouns and use a Wizard's demon to pick the exit. Inside the crystal in this room is your reward. Rewards: Silver Dragon shield, Purple Pantaloons
  • East side alhoun: On the east side of town you will find five rooms that form a cross on your map command. The southern room has a single alhoun that carries your rewards. Rewards: Star Ruby, emerald encrusted ivory bracers
  • Baelnorn of House Belophnat: To the far north of town is a baelnorn protecting his family's cache. Kill him and unlock the door to the east. Inside are several items, though one item is of important note. Rewards: Tabard of House Belophnat and several other items
  • Ghost Armor: There is a small section of town that taps off the southern road. At the end is a pickable door that leads down. Kill all the mobs in the room, pick the lock and receive your reward. Reward: Ghost Armor, mid-range leveling item



  • Location: Crypts of the Undead
  • Suggested group: Soloable with most classes
  • Reward: Quazor's Broadsword
  • Available: Any time

Located on the east side of the city, you will find a hidden exit roughly three rooms east of the entrance to town. Head all east from here and kill your way through two rooms of mobs to reach him. He is not aggressive and his sanc can be dispelled with a negating weapon or dispel magic. Blind him before death or there is a chance you will not receive your reward.


Ultima Weapon

  • Location: Northern Crater, down exit from the bowl
  • Suggested group: Mercenary and healer
  • Reward: Ultima Weapon
  • Available: Any time

Ultima Weapon hits hard and has a sizable lifeforce. You can energy drain him and dipsel him; both are recommended to make the kill easier. He will occasionally meteor swarm so the healer should keep an eye out for this.



  • Location: Crystabelle Village
  • Suggested group: Mercenary and healer
  • Reward: low chance of Diamond Studded Wristband
  • Available: Any time

Once you enter the village, move up to enter the air over the village. To the north will be Zaria's Tower. On one of the top floors is Yxen, the Tower Guard. He has sanctuary and protection evil, so adjust your alignment to neutral or good before engaging him and have protection good cast on yourself. He is vulnerable to fire damage. His damage is predictable and is an easy kill for the suggested group. Once he dies, take the key he drops and move up. Unlock the chest and loot it. Close the chest and lock it again if you wish to repeat the process. The room north of Yxen can be gated to, you may summon a gate mob there to make the process easily repeatable.


Vincent Valentine

  • Location: Nibleheim Mansion
  • Suggested group: Melee and Healer
  • Reward: Vincent's Cape, Vincent's Gauntlet
  • Available: Check Adventures Unlimited

There is a safe located on the second floor that needs to be opened and a pair of "Lost Number" mobs to defeat, the combination to the safe is located as a clue you must solve on the first floor. Once you have the key for the coffin you can head to the basement and unlock/open the coffin to face Vincent.


Werewolf Island

  • Location: Werewolf Island from WB Recall: 9ne2ne4n2wsws
  • Suggested group: 2+ Melee and Healer
  • Reward: Izuna's Grimoire, The Mark of Balduran, The Sword of Balduran the Great, Ancient Holy Symbol of Tempus
  • Available: Check Adventures Unlimited for Gragna, and Izuna the Mage

There are a few things to do on Werewolf Island including Mprog crafting to make: Boots, Gloves, Rings, and a 1h Weapon, and two different types of Boss Fights. If you die in WWI your corpse goes to the kitchen all north of the first room you enter.

Izuna the Mad Mage:

  • You must first open four portals by clearing the mobs on the path east of the boat: A portal leads to the Plains Shack, A portal leads to the Trail Guard Tower, A portal leads to Izuna's Home, A portal leading to the Plains Guard Tower.
  • To access Izuna you will need to craft a Painting using five colors of paint and trade it to the town drunk for a 'bone key' this key is used to open a secret room in Izuna’s home.
  • After gaining access to the vault you need to drag stone east x2 north x1 to let in the light which will cripple Izuna, say 'surrender' after you have defeated him and he will drop the Grimoire and a key to access a new room where the Holy Symbol is on the floor.


  • North of town is a ship and in the south east are a few shaman's and a key on the ground, you need this. You will travel  to the west side of the first floor and go up, find another shaman and key you will go eastwards and then up again, a final shaman is on the third floor and you will get a key from him to use on the west side to go up again.
  • The captain is on the final floor, you need to dispel him and it's suggested that the priest wait outside the room.






  • Directions: Westridge Recall: 9n5e6ne2nu
  • Group: Melee & Healer (Imp Wiz to Summon)
  • Reward: Gecko Cape, Shieldbreaker

Dispel Qualcomm, don't blind! Soloable with Wizard.