Moonfest in Shadowdale

Friday, October 30, 2015 - 02:00

TRICKS OR TREAT! Startigress looked over as one of the
village children ran up to the house of the local blacksmith.
Edna, the smiths wife smiled as she came to the door handing
the youngster a shiny red apple. The child turned and ran
towards the strider in a hurry looking to collect her fair
share of the bounty before dark fell. Startigress steadied
the child when she ran headlong into the striders legs the
girls vision impeded by the monster mask she was wearing.

Startigress crouched before the pretty blonde girl as the
child pushed her mask up to look at the red haired woodsmaiden.
Star searched her mind for the name of the girl.
Rha, Rho, Rhi..Rhian...Rhiannon, yes that was it the dye
maker's daughter. The little girl bit her lip and shifted
from foot to foot her eyes worried as she pulled her mask
from her head. In an apologetic tone the little blonde girl
piped up;

"Im so sorry Lady Star, I didnt see you there."

Star smiled at the blonde girl and ruffled her hair asking;

"What are you playing at child, whats going on here. I've
only ever seen this done during the Trollfestival in Waterdeep."

The girl gave the strider a big smile and nodded,

"Lady Storm was telling us tales maam and we asked and asked
and asked and finally our parents said we could play tricks or
treats the before Moonfest."

Star gave the bright eyed girl and indulgent smile and nodded
as she pulled her pack off and began rummaging.

"Well I most assuredly don't want any tricks played on me by
evil trolls tonight so I had best find some treats!"

Star found her secret stash of maple sugar candy and gave the
girl a small piece of the sweet treat. Rhiannon gave the
strider a huge grin and thanked her as she pulled on her mask
and ran off to the Healer's shop shouting her demand for treats.

Standing, Star looked around before continuing on her way towards
the Old Skull Inn noticing now the rest of the children running
from door to door dressed in their monster masks. It was apparent
that the local tradition of Waterdeep had found a foothold here in
this sleepy little township. Of course, what child could resist
the idea of free treats, mischief and a little bit of adult

Slipping inside the dark Inn Star looked over to the tall silver
haired woman dressed all in black working the taps behind the bar.
Jhaele Silvermane may not be all of what she had been in her
youth, still she was an impressive woman, well respected by her
neighbors and employees. Jhaele looked up and nodded at the red
haired strider drawing up a mug of her favorite ale and pulling
out one of the keys to the downstairs Honor Rooms that Star stayed
in during her frequent visits to the Dale. One of these days
Star would just buy herself a little farm here and settle in but
for now the Honor Rooms were the nicest rooms in Shadowdale.

Star stepped to the bar and took the mug and the key leaving
behind a platinum piece to pay for her stay. Without a word
Jhaele slipped the platinum into a pouch on her belt and nodded to
the strider giving her a friendly smile. Star nodded back and
started towards the dining room, Jhaeles voice called her back;

"Startigress, come here a minute, how long will you be staying?"

Star turned keeping the surprise from her face, it was rare the
tavern keeper asked such a thing, Jhaele usually welcomed her for
however long she chose to stay. Walking back to the bar Star
leaned against it sipping the rich Shadowdale Dark out of her mug.

"I'm not sure Jhaele, I've brought Rowina here to talk to Elminster
and you know how those wizards are, they can get lost in talking
about rat tails and orc testicles for days. Why?"

Jhaele grabbed a rag and began wiping the long oaken bar down
stopping near the strider and leaning in.

"In two days in the Feast of the Two Moons I was just wondering if
you would be here, and you say you've brought Lady Silverwing as
well? Will she be needing a room or will she be staying with the
Old Sage."

Star looked at the older woman, her voice sounded calm and
unconcerned as if just relating a bit of news but there was a
tension in her face that made the strider suspect there was
something wrong. Sipping her drink again Star responded calmly;