Moonfest in Shadowdale - Part 6

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 22:54

Star shoved the girl far behind her and the wicked thing, flocks
of ravens swooped down as she battled the monster fouling her
vision as they pecked and clawed occasionally lifting her off her
feet as they tried dragging her up into the sky. With a crunch
Star put her staff through the pumpkin head and watched the monster
disperse back into dust and corn stalks leaving behind only a
small creepy looking doll. Star bent to collect the piece when
the screaming of crows and the flurry of wings made her turn as
the child screamed. The child's eyes were filled with terror as
a murder of crows descended grabbing the child with wicked talons
and flying off with her. Star swore as she lost sight of her in
the darkness.

The strider swore words to make a sailor blush and took off back
into the corn in the direction the miserable birds had taken the
girl. Obviously she would need to move quick and fast with the
child to get her out of the corn before the ravens could steal
her away. Star only hoped the child was still alive and they had
not taken the little one off to some darker fate. Spurred by the
grim thought she moved a bit faster her companion hot on her heels.

Twisting and turning Star spied another little one sitting in the
dirt crying. Moving closer she called softly to the child
beckoning them closer, the child turned its face towards the woman
and its sobbing became the bone chilling giggles of a demented

Star jumped back as the child made an inhuman leap at her, the
childs fingers had become wicked claws and she barely deflected
the attack as the creature went after her eyes. The strider swung
and circled the child her guts churning as she saw the bruises
form on the child's body. This was someones baby and her
hesitation made her take many more wounds than she normally would.

With a roar her bear reared up and smacked the child in the head
with a roundhouse paw knocking it to the ground. A black sickly
mist rose up from the child's form, the smell of sulphur thick in
the air as the mist dispersed under Selune's light.

A small sound from the ground was a welcome relief as the little
one moved and groaned in the dirt and Star knelt next the child
helping the little one to stand. The boy was bruised and battered
but nothing appeared to damaged and she gave him a sip of her
healing potion before hustling him down into the rows. With
careful maneuvering she managed to slip past or avoid the
scarecrows that seemed to fill the field.

"Meilikki's tits, how many damn scarecrows does a farmer
The howls of the dog in the distance acted as a compass to her
sensitive ears and she was able to avoid most of the hazardous
monsters lurking in the corn.

Stepping to the edge of the corn she saw King and moved the child
towards the dog. King rubbed against the little boy and carefully
guided him the rest of the way out, disappearing into the mist.