Puzzling Pieces

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 16:15

Rowina paced her lab aimlessly trying to put
all the pieces of this puzzle together. Anya
has sent word that the rumor in Waterdeep was
the dwarves where searching for a new home. She
went on report that the thieving Caradhakar had
gone down into Undermountain searching, for something
the current thought being gold and gems, or some
other great treasure.

Grumbling as it just made no sense Rowina continued
her restless pacing. These Gold dwarves were
not young adults they would have had no reason to
be turned out from the Great Rift. The Thunder Blessing
had not been the boon to the Gold dwarves that it was
to the rest of the dwarven people, causing overpopulation
and cramped conditions in thier carefully balanced
below ground homes. It had become a frequent tradition
to encourage the younger adults to leave and explore
spreading the race of Gold dwarves throughout the north
of Faerun.

This group however was entirely to well organized, well
armed and experienced to be the victims of this tradition.
Perhaps they are a splinter from the Great Rift Gold dwarves.
It would make more sense as everything she read indicated
that in general Gold Dwarves are very tolerant of human
and human kind.

This group did not display these tendancies leading her to
think perhaps they had not agreed with something within
the Dwarven Great Rift society. Perhaps they left due to
some sort of political conflict.

That too was hard to fit into this, where then did the Umber
Hulk come into play. These insectoid creature from the
farthest depths did not come to the surface by free will.
Some had to have summoned it, but for what purpose, to
kill the dwarven children? How then did this all fit together
with the loss of the child Maele and the fire in Vector?
The axe was another mystery, what had been the dwarves distress
over it, why steal something that was clearly not theirs and
arrogantly proclaim the item not her business.

To many pieces of this puzzle did not fit and Rowina pondered to
which source she could go too to try and find more information
on these dwarves. Rowina felt in her bones if she could
figure out who they were, and why they were here she would
have a better understanding of what was going on. Rowina
reviewed Anya's report again noting the section where Anya
had noted that these dwarves had been travelling to several
dwarven sites looking for "something."

Nodding to herself Rowina formulated her next move. Gathering
together the shards of metal and her journal she changed
quickly into her travelling gear. There was only one clan of
dwarves friendly and open enough with humans and human kin
that they may welcome her to their hall and provide some
information. Starting down the stairs of her tower she
paused the ring on her finger glinting. Oh dear, Tenchi
would not be happy to hear she was travelling so far north
to the realm of the Dwarven King Bruenor Battlehammer.