PyroVector on location

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - 06:41

Psycho had been restless.
Something hung in the air, blended with the silence of the Library.
Psycho removed himself from his study.

As soon as Psycho arrived in Westbridge he could tell there was indeed
commotion in the air. Commotion and Smoke.
Rowina's voice rang out psychically for help.
'There is a fire someone help'

Psycho responded 'I am available to help please summon me.'
Within moment psycho felt the draw of a summon spell.
His heart beat in Westbridge and then it was far away.
His stomach turned and then he felt the full grasp of the summon.
The spell pull Psycho through space into the heart of Vector.

The scene was chaotic. Several Heroes stood outside of a burning house.
There were two young human children. With what appeared to be their father.
The heroes had just rescued them from the burning bowels of the building.

It was up to the heroes to figure out what happened....