The Quest system is an automated system that allows players to go on small quests for Quest Points, which can be used to purchase items from the QuestMaster.

You can recieve a quest from any shopkeeper on the mud by typing QUEST REQUEST within the room of the shopkeeper. You will then have a set amount of time to complete the quest, or you can quit the quest with QUEST QUIT. Assigned quests either require that the player hunt down and kill a specific mob, or to find a quest item. After completing the task, players return to the shopkeeper that assigned the quest and type 'QUEST COMPLETE'. Your character will then be awarded a random number of Quest Points, and possible Train Points, which allow you to add new skills or increase your mana and hitpoints, or can be converted into Practice Points, which allow you to improve your character's abilities.

Quest Points can be used to purchase quest items from "Quija The Questmaster" who is in the Yawning Portal Inn in Westbridge.

The in-game quest-related commands are:

  • QUEST REQUEST - request a quest from a shopkeeper.
  • QUEST INFO - will report which quest item to find, or which quest mob to kill, and the room in which it is located.
  • QUEST QUIT - will cancel your current quest.
  • QUEST COMPLETE - when used at the shopkeeper mob that assigned the quest, will signal that you have completed the quest.
  • QUEST TIME - reports how much time remains to complete the quest.

Quest goals are assigned according to your character's current level - so you should not end up going to an area that is beyond your ability.

The next kind of quests are 'Area Quests' which are more involved - requiring problem-solving and traveling to multiple areas.