a Return (1of2)

all Keepers Crimson Torog
Monday, March 16, 2015 - 01:59

Jessiah appeared in a cloud of mist just outside the gate of the
Falion house in the city of Torregiano. He paused for a moment,
realizing how long it had been since he'd last seen the large
oaken doors bearing the Falion Family crest. Jessiah had lived
within his quarters of the Guardian hall for years before he left
for Kara-Tur. The great castle had been his home, and the
Guardians, his family. Now they were no more.
The doors shut behind him as Jessiah went through the dusty and
neglected hallways, making his way to his chambers. He set his
pack down leaving a cloud of dust where it landed, and began to
walk around the barren house absently reflective of its history.
Finally, he thought to himself that the place would need a lot of
work to make it inhabitable again, but it would have to wait... for
he had somewhere he had to go.
The unwelcoming terrain of the Shadow Grove had only grown less
hospitable with time, it seemed, as Jessiah made his way through
the path to the great castle. The lack of the Guardian Sanctuary's
magical hold of the surrounds could be plainly felt. Finally, the
gates were almost within sight. Jessiah stopped and took a deep
breath. As he exhaled he removed the Crimson Guardian insignia
that never left his arm, and held it in his as he slowly began to
move again.
The gates of the great castle were finally in site, ripped from
their hinges and hanging limp. The once mighty asylum of the
Guardians of the realms was now reduced to naught but rubble,
dust and ruins! And yet, though he had expected the sight...
nothing could have prepared him for what lay beyond the walls of
his beloved home.
Jessiah walked slowly within the ruins, taking in the true
magnitude of destruction and despair with every step. Finally,
after hours of mere wandering, he returned to where he had earlier
passed the tombstones that lay rest to the fallen. Jessiah fell to
one knee, resting his head upon the other with his fist planted to
the ground beside him. He fell silent and still, offering a prayer
to the souls of his fallen brethren.
A minute later Jessiah stood, taking the sword that hung across
his back, striking the blade downward to the ground. He held the
hilt firmly in one hand and removed the pendant bearing the
Falion Family Crest from his neck with the other, as he proceeded
to recite an incantation.
The transference ritual had begun; for it was time to call his