Reunion of the Council

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 13:47

Rays of multi-colored beams began to disper as they returned to the bunker built by
the General's minions. Amazed by the advancement of the Esper Technology, the teleportation
chamber is unlike those he remembered.

"Come my Lord" Seraphine said.

They walked five floors down, three doors left, reaching a dead end. The wall began to open
by itself, revealing a secluded meeting area only known to the highest of the Vector
command chain. As they walked into the room, familiar faces began to gather.

Arcartier, Azeroth, Shandelzare, Serth, Stephy, Janice, Avante, Klaus stood before him.

"I have returned, get me up to speed" he ordered.

There were no papers on the strategist table. Only hollowed images of the terrain they
are bound to advance their forces on.

"You have been absent for quite awhile, you thought our technology was crippled in the war
against the Tripower?" Arcartier said.

"We have more plans in motion and your role is crucial" he added.

Xeptimus looked over the surroundings of this secluded room, a hidden area in the bunker.
Yet, undiscovered by any patrols within.

"Nobody is aware of the existence of this bunker, we have spies infiltrated the Tripower
not only to their research divisions, but also their politicians, we have no contact with them
whatsoever at this point of time as they have all been briefed of their missions and will
take action when the time comes. The clock is ticking, our plans are ahead of schedule,
we will cripple the Tripower once and for all" he continued.

While walking around the room, Xeptimus began to plot his return to the realm. The best
course of action was to inform the realm of his return. With a flick of his finger, a spark
of purple flame appeared on his thumb. It caught the room by suprise because he has never
casted a spell before in his life. He grinned and whispered "I never knew I could do this either".