Road to Recovery - Pt. 3

Saturday, June 6, 2015 - 02:08

His heart suddenly felt sad, he didn't fully understand why, but he knew this
was no ordinary dragonstone. He chanted a dulling spell over Zora's wing and
pulled it out, a faint grinding could be heard as he moved it back into place
with his dragon strength. Rowina and Zora almost in unison let out a pained
sound, though Rowina's was louder as Zora held back. They were dragon bonded...
he would have to remember that if he wanted to further set any other bones. He
continued his work in silence as no one seemed to want to talk in the sad moment.

He escorted Zora back to their home, it had been some time before Rowina was
ready to move, they approached the tower and there were bodies everywhere. This
had been quite the battle, the smell of iron thick in the air. Fandros watched
as Zora nozed Rowina up the stairs, Severyn following. He didn't hear the sound
of battle any longer, but he decided to wait a little while just in case. He
remembered his ward in his cave and decided it had been long enough, he lept
into the air and flew back to his cave. Landing he smelled the death that
surrounded and filled the wooded area, he placed his claws around the trees that
he had pushed over, and one by one he began to move them back to where they were.
Payne would be so mad at him...

He made his way down to the cavern floor, the smell of faint old blood caught in
his nostrils. He changed back to that of his more familiar less frightening
human form, and made his way back to where Aneh lay. They hadn't found this
place, his ward still mostly unharmed. He rechecked the woman in TriPower
clothing, he opened one of her eyes and stared into the glazed pupil, the
swelling had gone down in her head, his earlier healing had done its work. He
chanted again, he wanted to make sure that this woman was fully healed before
returning her to TriPower.