Rolenote Grading Rubric

SKILLS 3 2 1 0
  • Frequently 'shows', rarely just 'tells' detail.
  • Varied and engaging dialogue, body language used.
  • Body language used.
  • Multiple sensory details employed.
  • Diction is varied, interesting, original.
  • Writer's intentions are clear, and achieved.
  • Sometimes 'shows' vs. 'tells'
  • Dialogue mostly works, sometimes confusing.
  • Some sense of position and attitude of characters.
  • Occassional moments of vividness.
  • What the writer is trying to do can be determined.
  • Most details are directly told.
  • Dialogue feels unnatural at times, but is intelligible.
  • Few moments of sensory detail.
  • Descriptions are somewhat flat.
  • Hard to tell what the writer intends.
  • Details are 'told', no evidence of 'showing'.
  • Dialogue is non-existent or not intelligible.
  • Little or no sensory details.
  • Details are few and disconnected.
  • Difficult to determine intent.
  • Interesting or novel concepts introduced.
  • Characterizations, delivery of details are engaging, succinct or novel.
  • A few interesting ideas, concepts.
  • Some characterizations work, others do not, but attempts are evident.
  • Concepts and details are not very original, but fit the fictional world.
  • Characterizations appear, but may be clumsy or ineffective.
  • Little or no creativity on display, and/or the details don't fit the fictional world.
  • Little to no characterization appears, or is attempted.
  • Spelling of even unconventional words is correct. Spelling of fictionalized words is consistent.
  • Paragraphing is evident - easy to read.
  • Grammar is mostly correct.
  • Use of color is supportive of the reading experience.
  • Spelling is mostly correct, exotic words may be spelled incorrectly.
  • Paragraphing sometimes evident.
  • No glaring grammatical mistakes.
  • Use of color may be distracting.
  • Spelling of common words is sometimes missed.
  • Paragraphing not evident.
  • Glaring grammatical mistakes
  • Color is distracting and not supportive of writing task.
  • Spelling is horrible.
  • No paragraphing evident.
  • Grammatical mistakes hurt eyes.
  • Color is not used, or very distracting.

*** For a more detailed explanation, read below.

The following rules and guidelines apply to the rewarding of AP (Adventure Points) to players for written rolenotes.

Carrots, Not Sticks
This is not about punishing people for incorrect grammar, or poor spelling - it's about rewarding people who go the extra distance. If the writing hits a minimum standard, and we can sense that we're not being trolled, then they'll get AP. If they go above and beyond that normal standard, they should get some extra AP.

We Don't All Speak English Natively
It's important that we keep this in mind. When someone writes and posts it publically, that can be a brave thing to do - we don't want people feeling self-conscious if English is not their primary language.

Start With the Positive, Deliver The Negative With Care
The last thing we would ever want to do is crush the spirit of another writer, so any critique of someone's writing should start with the sugar, the honey - what we liked. For some writing, that might be difficult, but we have to try.


  1. Monthly Maximum - 1000 per player. (THIS COULD CHANGE) This also means knowing about player alts.
  2. Minimum role length - about a page, but we shouldn't penalize a good writer who can get a lot done in less. We don't want people breaking up 6 paragraphs into 6 notes to pad their award amounts. Grouping connected short notes into a single gradable 'note' is acceptable.
  3. Critiques - post privately to players who REQUEST them. Reviewers are not REQUIRED to post our reasoning for a rating. If a player who clearly is trolling us DEMANDS to know why his or her poorly-written rolenote did not receive the maximum amount, we are under no obligation to explain why, not if we think their only motive is to create friction.
  4. Notes - in an effort to keep the rubric positive, try to pinpoint examples of excellent writing, to showcase in a monthly review.
  5. Cleared - we have to keep track of which AP has been awarded in-game using the Google spreadsheet.

Style - In short, with what level of skill did the player write this particular note? Technique can be excellent, but creativity low.
Creativity - How effective were their efforts? This category can be used to reward a player with interesting ideas, but maybe not the best execution. Also, plotting - does anything actually happen in the rolenote?
Conventions - The nuts and bolts of writing - paragraphing, good use of color - does this writer display a desire (and capability) to make their writing easier to read?

Style = (70% of score)
Creativity = (20% of score)
Conventions = (10% of score)

Style: Diction, Voice & Dialogue, Showing Versus Telling, Plot Structure - Technique, Skill.
Creativity: Interesting Concepts, Characters, Settings - Would Others Want to Read This?
Conventions: Paragraphing, Supportive Use of Color, Spelling, Grammar, Chaptering - How Much Effort Was Expended to Make This Readable?