Rowina: Interrogations Chapter 1

[123] Rowina: Interrogations! - Chapter 1   
Sun Jan  4 02:13:41 2015
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Rowina tucked the jewel away, her ears ringing from
Star's report.  Closing her eyes she summoned her magic
to transport her too Hapsor's bar.  A surge ran of
energy ran through her body making her gasp and she
opened her eyes as her spell failed.  Peering anxiously
around Rowina couldn't help feeling shaken.  Her magic
was the cornerstone of her very being, such a simple
spell should have come to her like breathing.  This
difficulty was deeply concerning.  Taking another deep
breath the Sorceress centered herself once more and
wove the simple transportation magic that would take
her to Westbridge.
Rowina appeared outside the doors of the bar, strangely
drained from such a simple magic.  Knowing she needed
to explore this she also knew she needed to find out
more from Krogenar.  Whatever was wrong with her
would need to wait as this task needed attending too.
Rowina stepped into the bar and looked at the hulk
of the starved and beaten halforc on the floor.  
Rowina took a step away from the hulk of a horror
that was the familiar shape of Valthonis.  Again Rowina
wondered what the Vector agent's interest in all of
this was.  Rowina called out;

Krogenar hello, I just wanted to ask you some questions.
The half orc sat on the floor, his body looked broken
and torn from his time in the city dungeons.  Valthonis
came at the weakened strider from one side and the dwarf
from the other, both shooting questions at him without
pause, demanding answers to thier questions.  The strider
began to shuffle back towards the fireplace obviously
looking for an escape.

Rolling her eyes at them both Rowina knew this would get
them nowhere quickly.  Honey for the bee was required here.
Calling out she admonished both ladies gently;
Enough, enough, we are here to help him, not torture
him more.

The faceless mask that was Valthonis looked at her emanating
distinct disbelief.  Rowina was fairly certain that torture
was exactly what she had been intending.  Ignoring the cold
look from the avian, Rowina stepped between the two and
approached the half orc radiating warmth and peace.  Krogenar
looked at her warily as she approached and she sat on the
floor next to him smiling.  Moving slowly and carefully she
pulled a hunk of jerky from a sleeve pocket and offered it,
making sure she did not move too closely to him.

You look hungry Krogenar, I'm fairly certain they didn't feed
you.  I assure you its safe.

She ripped off a small piece and ate it so he could see.  
Looking back at the dwarf Rowina called out quietly while
Krogenar chewed on his food;
Perhaps you can do something about his wounds Hapsor?

The dwarf looked at her with a wary look of disbelief;

You sure about that Rowina?

Rowina nodded turning back to smile at the strider.
Of course, Krogenar is here to help us find out what happened
I think he cares about that don't you Krogenar.
The strider leaned away but let the dwarf approach him, her
hands glowing with green healing energy.  His body visually
relaxed as the warmth knit his wounds and healed his bones.
The strider looked around a bit desperately as his body
began to ease.  Looking at Rowina he asked;


(to be continued)