Rowina: Interrogations Chapter 2

[126] Rowina: Interrogations! - Chapter 2   
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Rowina looked at Krogenar with a confused expression,
unsure of what he was asking and fearing that perhaps
he was simple, or the dungeons of Westbridge had driven
him completely insane.  In her experience most striders
didn't have a strong grip on sanity any way.  She
suspected it was something in the long periods of seclusion
talking only to bears that caused it.
Hapsor's next comment was illuminating and answered
her questions;
Do you mean that bear we found in the clearing, it was
dead.  Was he yours.
The half orc hung his head at the confirmation that
his companion was gone.  His shoulders slumped in
grief.  Rowina laid a gentle hand on his arm in comfort
and asked;
Tell us what you remember Krogenar.
Haltingly and with much encouragement the strider was
able to piece together some observations about the
night of the child's death.  The sound of metal sliding
against metal, the smell of blood and rot.  The terrible
finality of the child's end, her head cleanly severed.
The clearing was mildly disturbed but without any evidence
of any terrible machinery, the strider confirming he did
not hear such things but he did see a flashing light from
where the child had been murdered.
When the strider called a new companion she gave some
consideration to the nature of the magic that bound the
striders to thier bears, though Krogenar insisted there was
no magic and the bond was one formed from their oneness with
nature so she set her ideas aside and considered others.
Theories where bandied about, Hapsor making vague accusations
of Vector involvement, Valthonis rebutting, still Rowina
felt there was more than the obvious to this all and moved
close to the strider looking him in the eye.  He drew her
closer whispering quiety for her ears alone....
I know more, but Hapsor could be hurt, so i will tell only
Rowina put her hand on his shoulder and nodded and Krogenar
There were tracks in the clearing, fresh...dwarven tracks.
Rowina pulled back and looked at him quizically, dwarven,
she could see how this could be a danger to the priestess,
she had been in the clearing that night, it would lend
suspicion on her.
Both Valthonis and Hapsor looked at her and she shook her
head, she had no trust for the Vector and she was concerned
for her friend, both reasons held her tongue.
The strider has no more information for us, I say let him
be he obviously is uncomfortable here and in my opinion
is a victim of nothing more than unlucky timing.  Still
I have friends who can find him if needed.
Both the Vector and the priestess nodded and conceded to
her judgment in this, allowing the half orc to lope out
of the bar and out into the darkness.  Hapsor asked;
Well what now wizardess?
Rowina paced a bit considered the information they had
gained...and what they did not know.  It was obvious too
many pieces were missing and she stated such.
Valthonis agreed to look discretely into Vectorian interests
and see if there had been any movements around Westbridge.
Hapsor was called on to talk with her contacts and see if
she could find anything more on how the child had died,
perhaps some clue could be garnered there.  And Row would
research, and call on Startigress to explore the clearing
to see if any further tracks could be found.
All three agreed to the tasks and went their seperate ways,
the strider Star outside agreed to the task and she too
loped off into the darkness.  A wave of dizziness swept
over her in a rush and she leaned against the wall of the
bar to steady herself.  There was no doubt something was
wrong, with her, with her magic, she only hoped she could
keep her control long enough to complete all of her tasks.
Calling on items enchanted versus using her own innate
skill Rowina flung herself back to her tower. She had tasks
for Anya as well, but tracking down the mercenary was
beyond her energy now.  Stumbling into her tower and down
the hall the sorceress looked around desperately for the
priestess Avarella hoping her healing magic would help
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steady her.  The wizardess made it into the tower temple
before she slumped to the obsidian floor unconcious...