Rowina: Jailbreak! Chapter 1

[116] Rowina: Jailbreak! - Chapter 1   
Thu Jan  1 14:53:13 2015
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Rowina leaned against the bar in the Market Square Pub
and got lost in her own thoughts.  She had checked this morning
and still no charges had been laid against Krogenar.  A
quick scrye and she confirmed he was still sitting in the
maximum security wing of the Westbridge jail.  She had
tried all manner of safe legal maneuvers to get in and talk
with the strider.  Each had been shut down by the officals
of the city.
A few more discrete inquiries revealed that even going
to the jail would be extremely unsafe as it was considered
a Hot Zone by the insane sect that had sworn themselves to
hunting and killing each other for fun.  Hot Zones, in the
complicated rule structure of the PlayerKiller sect meant
anyone could be killed within that area, no matter their
affiliation.  By law these areas where clearly marked in
every city and were often used by city officals as an
additional layer of protection.  Why not use a bunch of
bloodthirsty psychopaths as free guards.  Rowina wasn't
scared but she did not want the complication of some crazy
sociopath jumping her for the fun of it to further complicate
the situation.
Pulling out her gem pouch Rowina picked out a glittering red
ruby and set it on the bar.  Channeling a wisp of magic she
activated the enspelled gem causing it to synchronize with
its twin held by Anya.
Anya giggled as the very heavily muscled stevadore from the
wharfs of Baldur's gate nibbled at her neck sliding his hand
towards the laces of her halter top.  A very healthy amount
of Aquavit was mellowing her mood, and the large bulge in
the front of the dockworker's pants was helping her good mood
right along.  The vibration from her gem pouch was an
unwelcome distraction as the laces of her top loosened up one
by one, freeing up her breasts to the air.  Anya had a brief
internal debate between answering Rowina's call and continuing
her current course of action.  The dockworker stripping off
his shirt showing off rippling abs and impressive pecs answered
that debate and she tossed the pouch in a corner near the bed
without a second thought as she pushed her companion back
onto the mattress.
Rowina mumbled a swear word as the spell failed to garner
a response.  So much for her plan to have the mercenary
help her sneak in.  Rowina catalouged her options, using
magic to get in wouldn't work.  She had tried getting arrested
by telling the officals of the city what she thought of
their parentage.  Apparently her reputation preceded her as
did her husband's, they didn't know Vorcet could care less,
so the fear in their faces as they politely asked her to
leave had been kind of funny.  Charming the guards could
be an option.
Resolutely, Rowina pushed from the bar and paid her tab.
Walking down the road Rowina debated how upset Hapsor
would be.  Shrugging she comforted herself with the
thought that she wouldn't do anything IMPORTANT without
the dwarf, she was just scouting.
(to be continued)