Rowina: Jailbreak! Chapter 2

[117] Rowina: Jailbreak! - Chapter 2   
Thu Jan  1 19:59:33 2015
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Rowina examined the base of the Northwest Tower of
Westbridge.  Beyond the door she could see the Guard
of the Day watching over the entrance to the Hall of
Judgment.  A large carved metal key hung from a hook
on his belt.  The guard looked very alert and efficent
and the sorceress was a bit unsure if charming him
would work, still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
With a smile she entered the room greeting the guard
merrily.  He did not appear impressed with her presence
and ignored her friendly overtures.  She began talking
pleasently to the guard, lacing her words with weaves
of enchantment magic.  At first the guard appeared to
be responding favorably to the spell and Rowina was
starting to feel confident this would work.  After a
moment her heart sank as the guard's face looked confused
then blank, then moved to enraged!
Whoops! Spell Failed!
Rowina jumped back as the guard pulled his sword and
began swinging.  Oh dear!  She surely did not want
to kill this man, he was only doing his job still
he had moved around to block the exit.  Rowina threw
up a shield to surround her body to protect herself.
The guard looked sturdy enough she hoped she could
just knock him out and threw a flurry of meteors
at him.  The battle was intense and bloody but in
the end she managed to knock him unconcious.  Snagging
up the key off his belt, Rowina made sure he was only
deeply unconcious and patched up the worst of his
wounds.  A rough voice behind her made her jump as
she went to unlock the door.
The room beyond is warded against any kind of magic.
Rowina spun snapping her protective spells around her
body.  The huge nightmare of Vector stood before her
glowing softly from beneath her robes.  Rowina eyed
the door beyond the mutant bird woman gauging her
chances of getting to it before the Vector agent released
any magic.  Valthonis was a prominent member of the
sociopathic sect of killers and Rowina had no doubt
she would attack without qualm.
Rest easy sorceress, if i wanted to kill you, it would
be easy enough.
Rowina raised an eyebrow at that, the mutant bird had
not emerged from their last encounter unscathed and
the arrogance was a bit misplaced.  
Invidia is correct though, this is no place for you,
too many people are familiar with you and you are
easy enough to track.
Rowina leaned back a bit, wondering just how long the avian
had been following her if she had overheard the conversation
that had been had with the Lich Invidia.  Putting a smile
on her face she nodded;
Well thank you for the information, you are so correct, let
me just get out of here.  
Swift as a fox the small esper skirted around the giant spindly
vision of death and moved out to safer territory.  Waving
politely she began moving south through the city.  A chill
at her back told her she had not lost her horror of a shadow.
Spinning Rowina craned her head back to look into the mask
of the Vector wizard.
Is there something you wish from me Valthonis?
The bird woman stopped not to far from her floating in the
air, the dark aura of power causing even the small creatures
of the air and dirt to avoid the area.  A quick thought
of how the wizardess would be useful at a campout to keep
off the mosquitos crossed Rowina's mind.
The avians oddly otherworldly voice stated dramatically;
You seem intent on something sorceress, I would offer aid.
The blunt offer took Rowina aback and her guard was immediately
up.  She looked at the bird woman suspiciously;
Why would you do such a thing?
The expressionless mask gave no clue to the avian's intent.
And the sorceress trusted this creature not at all.  The
Vector was more likely to knock her unconcious and drag her
to the labs of Vector City as anything else.
Because I want to.
(To be continued)