Sargonist Interview

# Tuesday, October 16, 2001::20:42:36 :: Now logging session to C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\sargonist.txt An immortal has transferred you. A relaxing Sauna. Wall to wall Cherrywood, there are numerous benches and steamers among. the room. The heat here feels like enough to melt flesh, but yet holds a. relaxing ambiance. A slight music plays in the atmosphere and other. occupants converse about travels past. . . [Exits: west] [Doors: none]. Benches and Steamers fill the room. Sargonist arrives from a puff of smoke.. You bow before him.. Sargonist bows deeply.. OOC channel is now OFF.. Sargonist sits on a Sauna Bench.. OOC channel is now ON.. . You OOC 'Hey realms... I'm in quiet mode for a bit.'. From now on, you will only hear says and emotes.. You say [OOC] 'Please put quiet mode on...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'done.. and.. done'. Krogenar rummages though his rucksack... withdraws a raincoat.. Your mouth is parched.. Krogenar put on his raincoat.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'log on yet?'. Krogenar gets out his notepad and pen.. Sargonist Bahs ' its a sauna my friend.. . You say [OOC] 'Why?'. You say [OOC] 'We're rolling... interview has begun.'. You see nothing special about Sargonist. Sargonist is in excellent condition.. . Sargonist is using:. a turban of the merchant. a cloak of Spider Silk. a cloak of Spider Silk. a lightweight shirt. a shiny beaded bracelet. a shiny beaded bracelet. a pair of cotton gloves. [....G..] a Fire opal. [.....H.] a finely crafted longsword. [.....H.] a finely crafted longsword. Sargonist takes off his clothes and sits in the nude on the bench. [ 24 M Human Sag] [Shadow Thieves] Sargonist, Sexual Jesus "I had sex for your sins.". Krogenar looks at the wall.. You say 'Thanks for allowing the interview Sargonist...'. Sargonist Bahs ' nakedness.. one gift.. that I give to you.. Sargonist smirks.. Sargonist Bahs ' hey.. no prob babe.. its a honor to be interviewed. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. You say 'I'm no babe.'. You say 'But go ahead.'. You say 'Ok... for those who DO NOT know who you are... can you introduce yourself.'. Sargonist Bahs ' Well.... Sargonist Bahs ' those that don't know me.. should know me. Krogenar listens. You smirk.. You say 'Why?'. You say 'Why should they know you?'. Sargonist Bahs ' I.. Am Sargonist.. one of the last and few Satyrs. Sargonist Bahs ' and.. well I have a new body now.. but my mind will ALWAYS be satyr. You say 'Describe what a satyr is...'. Sargonist Bahs ' and I found a soul. Sargonist Bahs ' a Satyr? heh. Krogenar listens. Sargonist Bahs ' well.. Satyrs were once human.. then they started playin with Nymphs. You nod.. Sargonist Bahs ' and.. well the Nymphs magic.. turn them in to humans.. with lower Goat halfs. Sargonist Bahs ' heh. Sargonist Bahs ' its great really. Sargonist Bahs ' and my sex drive is THRU the wall. Krogenar looks at a nearby wall.. Sargonist Bahs ' that's why I say "horny as a goat". Sargonist shrugs helplessly.. You shrug.. You say 'What proof do you have of your sex drive?'. Sargonist looks down.. blushes and grabs a towel. You say 'Is it all just talk?'. Sargonist Bahs ' ask any woman here. Sargonist Bahs ' I have to practically beat them with sticks to keep them off my "stick". Sargonist Bahs ' talk? no way. You say 'Which women? Name some names, please.'. Sargonist Bahs ' heh.. they have confidence in my "work". Sargonist Bahs ' I am sworn to secrecy. You cackle gleefully.. You say 'You seem pretty open... name a conquest!'. You poke him in the ribs.. Sargonist Bahs ' what's a conquest?. Sargonist gets a weird puzzling face. Something must be wrong.. You say 'You say you've worked over so many women here... name ONE.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'Satyr.. low Int.. low Wis ;)'. Sargonist Bahs ' just one eh?. You say 'Just ONE.'. Sargonist Bahs ' sh-t... Krogenar holds up his finger.. You say 'ONE.'. Sargonist mutters 56..78...1001...45566.... You patiently twiddle your thumbs.. Sargonist too many to pick from. You patiently twiddle your thumbs.. Sargonist Bahs ' er.. too many to pick from. You say 'Sargonist... you were this SEXUAL TITAN.... now, not even one name?'. Sargonist Bahs ' I told you.. im sworn to secrecy. Sargonist Bahs ' pick a letter of the alphabet. You say 'The Letter Y.'. Sargonist Bahs ' y is not good. Krogenar grins wolfishly.. Sargonist Bahs ' ok.. . Sargonist *looks around*. Sargonist whispers [deleted]. You say '[deleted]?'. Sargonist Bahs ' yes.. Krogenar scribbles that down.. Sargonist Bahs ' she was good. You say 'What happened?'. Sargonist Bahs ' well.. a shower has never been more refreshing... Sargonist Bahs ' lets just say that. Sargonist flexes his muscles...what a stud!?!. You say 'Where do you go to (ahem) do this privately?'. Sargonist Bahs ' ever have 2 hands.. scrubbing your body?. Sargonist Bahs ' where?. Sargonist Bahs ' everywhere. You say 'In Market Square?'. Sargonist Bahs ' my legacy is in each room in this world. You say 'Where would you go to do this? Get a room? What?'. Sargonist Bahs ' for the shower? we got a room. You nod.. Sargonist Bahs ' I can uh.. let you rent the room next to mine next time... Krogenar makes a mental note to speak with [deleted], to confirm the story.... Sargonist Bahs ' it has a peep hole. Krogenar looks sick.. Sargonist Bahs ' oh.. you don't like girls eh?. You say 'I'm a journalist... not a peeping tom!'. Sargonist Bahs ' don't worry.. I wont judge you. Sargonist Bahs ' hey.. even journalist have to get it right?. Krogenar motions at Sargonist with the pointy end of the pencil.. Sargonist Bahs ' hey.. watch that. Krogenar spins the pencil in his fingers.. Sargonist Bahs ' so who you hitting here?. Sargonist Bahs ' Zaria? Alia? Evilynn?. Sargonist Bahs ' come on.. . Sargonist Bahs ' "just one name". You say 'Zaria and Alia are quite beautiful its true. But I'm a gentleman Sargonist.'. Sargonist Bahs ' gentleman?. You say 'I've had no dealings with any woman here.'. Sargonist Bahs ' what's that word mean?. Sargonist smirks.. Sargonist winks suggestively.. You say [OOC] 'I have a woman in the real world.'. You smile happily.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I have about 6 at this current time...'. Sargonist says [OOC] '*wink*'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'bootie call!'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'heh'. You say [OOC] 'In real life?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'this IS sayooc right?'. You say [OOC] 'We'll switch to OOC..'. You say [OOC] 'How old are you really Sarg?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'me?'. You nod.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'im 20.. 21 on January 3rd'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'how old did you think I was? 12? 13?'. You say [OOC] 'I think most people think that, yes.'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... how close is your RP to the real you?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'to the real me?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'id say.. 98.9%'. You grin evilly.. You say [OOC] 'Ok... next question.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ask Viwrathe.. he's my AD&D DM.. all my chars are horny guys ;)'. Sargonist patiently twiddles his thumbs.. You say [OOC] 'Many people on this mud are divided on you... some think you rock... some think you're a misogynist pest.'. You say [OOC] 'What would you say to the people in the last category?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'those who say I rock.. they know what they are talking about.. those against me.. must not know of me'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I REALLY think you mean.. half.. say I rock.. the other half don't know me. ;)'. Krogenar listens.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'im a good guy to know.. always full o laughter'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'You talk about sex a lot... have you ever crossed the line, in what should and shouldn't be said?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'what shouldn't be said?'. Sargonist says [OOC] '"im prude"'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'Prudes are the devil'. You say [OOC] 'Pedophilia, Bestiality, etc...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ahh.. Beastiality'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ew'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'most people think I f-ck goats'. You say [OOC] 'Whoa! Something you're not into.'. You say [OOC] 'What are your fetishes?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I.. have a Redhead Fetish.. oh GOD!'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I go WACKO over redheads'. Krogenar takes a step back, pulls his raincoat tighter.. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Same here.'. You nod.. Krogenar feels dirty now... ?. Sargonist says [OOC] 'just today.. me and ViWrathe went to the mall.. and I saw a redhead.. I went CUKOO OF COCO PUFFS!'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'er.. cukoo FOR coco puffs I mean'. You say [OOC] 'Did she run?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'heh'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'no way'. You say [OOC] 'Describe what happened?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'no woman can resist my good charms and boyish good looks.. and my tight buttocks'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I just saw her.. she was working.. I went crazy.. but.. I let her work'. You say [OOC] 'That was kind of you.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ill "work" her tomorrow..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'maybe ill even ask her ona date'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'think she will like mCDOnalds?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'f-ck.. she's hot.. ill supersize it for her'. You say [OOC] 'Ah... many people think ... well, they think you're full of crap.'. You say [OOC] 'At least about this RL stuff.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'full of crap?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'bah!'. You say [OOC] 'Is that true?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'im 98% action.. 2% talk'. You say [OOC] 'Please describe that 2 percent...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'well..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'maybe once in a while.. ill tell chicks.. that I make more then I do.. or perhaps.. what I do.. or my name.. or where I live'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'heh'. You say [OOC] 'So... you lie to get sex?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'no really.. sometimes I just throw a random thing in.. for kicks.. that's a lie'. You say [OOC] 'What's the best lie that ever worked for you?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'umm'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I told a chick I lived in a mansion once'. You say [OOC] 'And she believed it?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'she blew me like there was no tomorrow'. You wince in agony.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'Strangers give the best head.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'know what I mean?'. You say [OOC] 'Where does all this happen? Where do you live?'. Sargonist nudges you.. You say [OOC] 'Stranger means danger, man.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I live in Gladstone, Oregon *hot women can have my FULL address*'. You say [OOC] 'Any STD's we should be aware of?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'nope.. STD Free.. and no kids'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and im sterile so.. *long story* '. You say [OOC] 'Ok... next question.'. Sargonist patiently twiddles his thumbs.. You say [OOC] 'What's your favorite sexual activity?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'Favorite?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I like public sex'. You nod.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'if there is a chance for me to get caught.. that will do it'. You say [OOC] 'Oooooooooo K.'. Krogenar wiggles his eyebrows.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and.. I like sex with tall girls'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'NOT fat.. but tall.. I like me some legs baby'. You say [OOC] 'How tall are you?'. You say [OOC] 'Are you a midget? Or into midgets?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'no.. but me and ViWrathe went to a Porn store.. and saw "Bridget the Midget"'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'she's a midget porn star.. she’s gross'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'im 6'2"'. Sargonist says [OOC] '184Lbs.. of pure sexual energy.'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Have you ever been in trouble with the immortals?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'me? f-ck yeah'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'everyone Immy has me on their hate list'. You say [OOC] 'What about?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and.. Cyric.. he hates me..'. You say [OOC] 'He does? Why do you think? You must have pissed him off.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'what about? nasty stuff on OOC.. nothing else'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I don't cheat or multi play.. or anything..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I just talk nasty'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and I have a lip.. I guess.. '. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and I take it Cyric don't take sh-t'. You say [OOC] 'What's the worst you've said to an imm?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'umm.. I think I told an Immy he was jealous cuz he couldn't get sex..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and I could'. You say [OOC] 'What did the imm do?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'at the current time.. I was screwing like.. 9 times a day.. and the immy was sex deprived'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'put me in the corner'. Sargonist says [OOC] '60 ticks.. I think'. You say [OOC] '9 times? C'mon man... are you freakin' Wilt Chamberlain? That's bullsh-t...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'nope'. You nod.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'im a M.O.M'. You say [OOC] 'No one believes that...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'Multi-Orgasmic-Man'. Krogenar listens for the explanation.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I screw like the energizer bunna'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I keep going and coming and going and coming'. You say [OOC] 'NINE times? In one day?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'er.. yeah.. '. Sargonist says [OOC] 'dude.. its possible'. You shake your head.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'try it'. You say [OOC] 'Sorry pal. I don't believe you.'. You say [OOC] 'I believe its POSSIBLE.'. You say [OOC] 'I just don't think you do it.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ask ANYONE that knows me IRL.. I have more energy then ANYONE you will know'. You say [OOC] 'Energy... fine - maybe you do. I just don't think you make that many "touchdowns" hrm?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I can play 8 hours of basketball.. and still go home.. screw.. work out.. and stay up will 4 am.. and wake up at 8am.. and be fine'. Krogenar scratches his head.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I don't sleep that much'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Ok, ok.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'damn.. I cant type.'. You say [OOC] 'Who is your least favorite immortal? (this was sent to me by someone else to ask you)'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'least favorite?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'Malar.. he's a F-CKING satyr.. copy cat.. damn him'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I am the ONLY man to become a satyr.. and Stay one'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I came here WAY back in the day..'. You say [OOC] 'How long have you been on WD?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'like within the 1st month it opened..'. You say [OOC] 'What was it like then?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and I picked Satyr right off.. '. Sargonist says [OOC] 'its was great'. You say [OOC] 'Was it different than it is now?'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Editors Note: Here followed a rant about another player, whom I won't name. Let alone publish. - Krog. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sargonist says [OOC] 'its WAY different now'. You say [OOC] 'How is it different...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'its more fast paced.. and deadly now'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... what do you mean by that? Deadly?'. Sargonist Bahs ' curses AND entangles.. and sh-t... Sargonist says [OOC] 'a man could die in 2 rounds now'. You nod.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'cursed.. entangled.. yer dead.. unless you are canceled'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Ok, well, I must end the interview for now, I have a girlfriend to call.... but 3-4 more questions first.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'more questions.. ask some hard ones before you leave'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'oh yes.. I think its wise if I mention the Olson twins.. Mary-Kate and Askley'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I like Tall Skinny Pale Redheads with Big t-ts'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I like me some Pale t-ts'. You say [OOC] 'Easy with the language now...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and I like a women that has LITTLE or no ass'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'you gotta a big ass? ill only do you.. not date you ;)'. You say [OOC] 'That's inspiring.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I know.. I wanna be a motivational speaker for people that cant get laid'. Krogenar grins.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I belive I can raise the sex rate in this country by at LEAST 77%'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'if I teach people.. they can get laid.. they can'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... do you have a question for me?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'questions..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ok'. Krogenar listens.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'you know how you said.. some people like me..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'do you like me?'. You nod.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'or am I annoying?'. You say [OOC] 'I think you serve a role here. I do.'. You say [OOC] 'You add some character to the whole place.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'Damn straight'. You say [OOC] 'And... you at least picked the correct race, if nothing else.'. You say [OOC] 'But sometimes... you go a WEE bit overboard.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'not everyone LIKEs me.. but EVERYONE EVERYONE knows of me'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I should be on the MOTD '. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ok..'. You say [OOC] 'But I don't think you're cruel. Or, at least, I haven't witnessed it.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'heh.. im not cruel.. im just honest'. You say [OOC] 'People who use the mud to hurt PLAYERs, because they feel powerless in the real world... those are the only people I don't like.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'do you conciter your self a ladies man?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'how many people have you slept with.. ill tell you my TRUE number if it helps first.'. You say [OOC] 'ME?'. You ponder the question.. You mull over the idea at hand, asking for patience. . You say [OOC] 'I do alright.'. You say [OOC] 'I've had maybe... TWO purely sexual relationships.'. You say [OOC] 'PURELY.'. You say [OOC] 'Boring.'. Sargonist Bahs ' only 2 girls.. EVER?. You shrug.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'only 2 girls.. EVER?'. You say [OOC] 'No... maybe 7?'. Sargonist says [OOC] '7?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'NOT bad'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'not bad at all'. You say [OOC] 'But only 2 were, well, like I said.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'not me.. but not bad'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ahh'. You say [OOC] 'It didn't go anywhere.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ahh'. You say [OOC] 'I need a partner, a life partner.'. You say [OOC] 'I'm 27.'. You say [OOC] 'No more time for fooling around.'. You smile happily.. You say [OOC] 'Did that, been there. It's no where.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ok.. is sex: not needed/Kinda needed/Really Needed/ or ABSOLUCKINGFLULTY needed in a relation ship?'. You say [OOC] 'but that's just me.'. You say [OOC] 'It's REALLYNEEDED - in my opinion.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'i think its ABSOLUCKINGFLULTY needed.'. You say [OOC] 'There has to be a spark.'. You say [OOC] 'But when I'm old and grey and my thing doesnt work... I hope I married my best friend.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'like i said.. PRUDES should eat sh-t.. eat sh-t and die.'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... now that's what people mean...'. You say [OOC] 'Eat Sh-t and Die... not very sociable.'. You say [OOC] 'Let people be prudish if they want...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ok..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'prudes should be maimed'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Ok... its a start.'. You say [OOC] 'One last question Sarg...'. You say [OOC] 'You ready?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'prudes should have no arms and legs.. i mean they ARE people too'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'am i correct here?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'one last question'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'im ready'. You say [OOC] 'They should have arms and legs, and any other limbs they need... moving on.'. Sargonist shakes his head.. Sargonist mutters something quietly to himself.. You say [OOC] 'Have you ever been in love? (NOT LUST) ... Love?'. You say [OOC] 'heh. Love.'. You say [OOC] 'Dont lie to me.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'yes.. ive been in love twice.. and ive ALWAYS been faithful to whom im with.. '. You say [OOC] 'Faithful? How!?'. You say [OOC] 'Do you mean monogamous?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'dude.. when im single i f-ck like a animal'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'when im with someone.. i f-ck the sh-t outta them.. they love it'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'so.. yeah.. ive loved.. and lost.. BIG time'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'shes in Montana now.. engaged to some f-ck'. You say [OOC] 'Ever... 'make love' .... as opposed to f---ing?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'oh hell hea'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'er.. hell yea'. You say [OOC] 'You're not happy for this woman in Montana?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'i like to good hard f-cking though'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'im happy..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'hes an asshole'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'he hits her'. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'she is marrying him outta fear'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'hes weird'. You say [OOC] 'You don't like that?'. You say [OOC] 'Hitting women?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ive NEVER struck a women..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'EVER'. You say [OOC] 'I'm very glad to hear that.'. You say [OOC] 'Almost gentlemanly of you to say so.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'belive it or not.. ive NEVER even had an arguement with a woman'. Hmmm you looked puzzled? Something wrong?. Sargonist says [OOC] 'im a easy guy to get along with'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... now you're definitely LYING.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ask Arkain'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'he knows me better then anyone in this world'. You say [OOC] 'Never had an argument? Now I know you've never TOUCHED a woman.'. You cackle gleefully.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'i have more care for women that i care about... then anything'. You say [OOC] 'No arguments? :/'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ok.. ive never FOUGHT then'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ive said no.. shes said yes.. then we kissed.'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... never PHYSICALLY fought with a woman?'. You say [OOC] 'Good.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'no.. ive NEVER had an arguement that made someone mad at me.. that i am dating'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... how do you 'woo' women Sarg? Teach all of us men how its done..'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'like.. ive wanted to go danceing.. she wants to go to the circus.. i say yes.. no.. yes.. no.. yes...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'well'. Sargonist says [OOC] '90% of all my friends are women'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'Arkain, Viwrathe, Sevysh and such are my only GUY friends'. You say [OOC] 'How many are platonic?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'i think i understand women much more then the average bear'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'platonic?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'whats that mean?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'non-sexual?'. You say [OOC] ''No Romance - No Sex''. You nod.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'oh.. platonic.. um.. about .. 60% of them are platonic'. You say [OOC] 'OK... is there any question that I haven't asked, that you'd like to answer?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'the rest REALLY dig my Goat Style'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'er style'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'dont you wanna know why i like satyrs?'. You grin evilly.. You say [OOC] 'I could guess why....'. You say [OOC] 'They're sexually promiscuous, and frolic with nymphs?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'LOl'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'that too'. You poke him in the ribs.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'cuz goats are my FAVORITE animal.. ive even got the Japanese Symbol for "GOAT" on my left upper pec'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'tattooed '. Sargonist says [OOC] 'heh'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... why?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'cuz Goats are sweet ass.. i like the eyes.. and the horns'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and you will ALWAYS see taht goats are playful'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'like me'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and they f-ck each other all the time ;)'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'you can say.. im a goat ;)'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'and one day.. im gonna get a goat.. and name his Sargy'. You say [OOC] 'OK... thanks for your time, Sargonist. How do you think this interview went?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'i think it went ok'. You smile happily.. You say [OOC] 'What else would you like to say?'. Sargonist drops his pants and gives you the vertical smile!. Sargonist says [OOC] 'umm yeah.. i want some sex from more Female Chars IC... i get ALOT.. but i need more!'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'MORE MORE MORE MORE'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'NEVER GET ENOUGH'. You say [OOC] 'Anyone in particular?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'all of em.. except the ugly h. orc ones'. You say [OOC] 'Have you been rejected often, by anyone?'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Editor's Note: In this section, Sarg said something about someone, that I didn't think was worth publishing. That's my call. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sargonist pats you on your head.. You bow before him.. You say 'Thanks for your time.'. Sargonist gives you 1 platinum.. You say [OOC] 'I'll have to edit the hell outta this...'. Sargonist bends over and gives you the vertical smile!. You mutter quietly to yourself.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'I love You Mary-Kate Olson! im coming for you!'. You say [OOC] 'Oh, one other question...'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ask away'. You say [OOC] 'If the Pax were to make you a cage to dance in, in the 'bad' part of town... would you do it?'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooT!'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'ill dance naked!'. You say [OOC] 'Would you be the cage dancer for the Pax?'. You nod.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'naked naked nakeD!'. You say [OOC] 'Proceeds will go to The Pax... however.'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'does it pay?'. You grin evilly.. Sargonist says [OOC] 'damn it'. Sargonist says [OOC] 'oh well.. ill dance NAKED!'. You say [OOC] 'We'll give you 20percent of the door.'. You pat Sargonist on his head.. You say 'Farewell ... this was interesting.'. Quiet mode removed.. Sargonist waits patiently. . Sargonist says 'wait'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Something else?'. Krogenar looks warily at Sargonist.. You are affected by the following spells:. Spell: detect invis : modifies none by 0 for 16 hours. Spell: detect hidden : modifies none by 0 for 16 hours. Spell: anticancel : modifies none by 0 for 18 hours. Spell: farsight : modifies none by 0 for 19 hours. Spell: fly : modifies none by 0 for 22 hours. Spell: giant strength : modifies strength by 4 for 25 hours. Spell: shield : modifies armor class by -20 for 29 hours. Sargonist Bahs ' Everyone.. i am Sargonist, The Sexual Jesus.. "I had Sex For your Sins" Repent now. You are surrounded by a white aura.. You are filled with holy wrath!. Sargonist Bahs ' REMEMEBER that... Sargonist says [OOC] 'i love you all!'. Sargonist drops his pants and gives you the vertical smile!. Sargonist whips put a small dagger and looks around slyly...... Sargonist shouts "I cant take it anymore..." and opens his wrists... Sargonist weakly bleeds all over the floor.. Sargonist dramatically collapses to the floor from exhaustion. . You wince in agony.. You shake your head.. You wave goodbye to Sargonist.. Sargonist stands. Sargonist says 'see!!'. Sargonist waves happily.. You smile happily.. You shake your head.. Sargonist smirks.. Sargonist shakes your hand.. # Tuesday, October 16, 2001::22:01:00 :: Log Closed.