The Spirit II.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 23:19

Kneeling over the corpse now Maya stops her previous
incantation, those assembled still calling it out in a deafening
roar now as she starts to mutter something else.

"Usstan quarth 'athiyk d'nindol vessel ulu an'yui ulu uns'aa".
" Maya draws a pattern in the air with her fingers, and
her eyes open a little wider, The lavender orbs flashing with a
dark violet, and she wipes the blood droplets with her thumb
across the left eye of the corpse.

"Usstan xesst 'athiyk d'nindol vessel ulu kev nind kyorl
lu'ulu tlu duul'sso" Maya now rubs her thumb across the
right eye of the body, and places a line where some say the third
eye resides, the hidden eye of insight and wisdom. The voices of
the acolytes a deafening roar as they continue to call out their
incantation in unity, the surrounding candle light seems to
almost vanish. The flame on the surrounding candles stand tall
and still though the room seems to plunge into darkness.

"Usstan quarth 'athiyk d'nindol vessel ulu an'yui uns'aa,
Usstan quarth 'athiyk d'nindol vessel ulu ann'ish ulu uns'aa"
Maya now rubs her thumb over the blood drops on the
lips of the body and cries out. Her eyes flashing that intense
violet colour of earlier. "Niir'l areion l'rift d'dro lu'aphyon,
whol athiyk, Usstan require mzild d'dos quin!"

Maya reveled in the satisfaction of her success, she knew
she would succeed, the devotion of the acolytes when
they suffered fear always amuses her. The eyes on the
corpse open and stare blankly back at Maya, moving
slowly with animated stiffness, the lips slowly shift as to
part, the rigid pale blue blotches pressing open and
closed, each attempt to do so causing them to crack and

The acolytes still formed their circle, their incantations
continuing without pause, though now they were quieter,
a soft hum buzzing with energy and fever. Now Maya
would show them why she was in control, and promptly
began to converse with the departed spirit of the corpse,
pressing it for its memories.