Strange Places

Sunday, July 12, 2015 - 01:52

Davrok wandered the woods aimlessly. He was unsure how long he had been here,
time was strange in this place. Pitch darkness came in this place every so
regularly, an event that only ever happened in caves at home. He missed his home
dearly, he could feel the lack of magical energy around in this place. Looking
up at the sky, he noticed it was a blue through the green leaves in the tree
canopy, he kept looking for any sign, or doorway back. Sighing, Davrok sat
against a tree and began sobbing, his form fading into a dim light as he was
unable to focus on his form. Nothing felt right, he was so confused, so scared
and as much as he tried to hold onto his form, sadness overtook him.

He thought of what had happened to him since he came to this place, waking on
the ground covered in strange leaves. He heard, more sensed things in the never
ending blanket of trees. Not knowing what they were he hid, remembering the
stories of a strange place where magic does not flow as the wind blows, and the
dangers that he was taught about from an early age. He watched and tried to spy
what was close by. In a nearby meadow he spotted a group of creatures with
pointy things growing out of their heads and four legs. How odd, what kind of
creature ran about on four legs and grew points from their head? Other than
these he found many more creatures some small, and some large, and most without
the pointy things.

Davrok felt within him that these creatures meant no harm to him and tried
approaching these odd creatures with pointy things on their heads chewing on the
ground watching them intently. Thinking as he approached, "Are these perhaps the
predominant race of this place, could they direct him or tell him where he was."
Walking towards them he held his glowing hands out radiating peace and warmth.
The creatures however heard the sounds of his movements coming closer and leapt
and bound running away. He found himself very confused, he had meant them no harm.

Davrok sat on the ground feeling very dispirited, was he perhaps the only
intelligent creature on this planet? What a lonely existence this would be if he
never had others of his kind to be with. His race was a social one, they formed
tight bonds and sought out others of their kind for sharing and companionship.
What was this place, was it filled only with creatures of the wood and field.
Sighing sadly he thought perhaps he should make the best of it. His people at a
variety of gifts and one was the ability to take on new forms, perhaps he could
take on the form of some of the large pointy headed creatures, they seemed to be
social and gentle.

He concentrated on one of the pointy headed creatures and brought a picture of one
of the to his head focusing on creating a picture of his form as one of them. He
could feel the magic of his form shifting and resettling. Unsure of how his form
looked he glanced at his body, noticing that he had feet that looked like the
creatures now. He thought the color looked odd, but perhaps like where he came from
they had varying colored ones as well. He tried to stand on his legs, but stumbled
back into the tree shaking his head he tried again.

As he shook his head he was confused at the odd weight remembering the pointy
things. This would be an adjustment having these on his head. Wobbly legged like a
newborn he managed to get to his feet and started to walk around. Falling over
several times before he finally acquired his balance getting used to having four
legs to move on instead of two. Steady now he turned himself in the direction the
rest of the creatures had gone and began to trot off in the direction the creatures
fled. Perhaps they would now talk to him, if they were afraid like he was they
already had something in common. Having things in common made making friends easier.