Taking Control -2-

Saturday, June 27, 2015 - 02:21

Angela rolled her neck a bit, releasing a bit of her tension
and anger before continuing. 'This is NOT a negotiation.
Your efforts are to be focused on deciding the right
candidate to lead on a permanent basis from here on out. I
AM in control, and until that decision can be made, anyone
who opposes me will be held on charges of treason.

Angela let her words sink in for a moment before continuing,
in a much softer, almost sweet voice. Knowing that, is
there anyone who has any objection thus far?' Angela raised
a brow, her gaze sweeping cooly across the room, challenging
these powerful men and women of the TriPower Government.

Angela knew this was a gamble, but in reality it was a
pretty safe gamble. She had been working angles for years,
preparing, waiting, putting the right words in the right
ears, laying her head on the right pillows... This was what
she had been working towards, and she held the entire
complex in the palm of her hand.

But still, there was a careful line she had to walk if she
wanted their support. And she did. She needed it, for
anything long term. This had to be their decision in the
end, not hers. She had to prove herself in the long run, and
she fully intended to. But for now, she needed to establish
her power. This moment, these next few seconds, would secure
that power for the length of time she needed.

She swept her gaze around, waiting for the one. That's all
it would take is one... One person who would dare to oppose
her, speak their mind and say she had no right. And there it
was. Angela almost smiled as she locked eyes with a cloaked
priest. A bug. This was perfect. Angela contained the glee
she felt inside. This was going to be too easy!

The priest stood slowly, removing the cloak from its head to
present its form to the group gathered. The priest spoke in
its native tongue, hissing and gurgling its message for the
group to hear. The message was translated by a young girl
who couldn't have been older than 10. She looked terrified
to repeat the words but did so, at the bidding of her
master. 'Shy Izo does not recognize you as our leader. Shy
Izo objects to this play of power and-'

Angela lifted a finger ever so slightly from the podium,
flicking it towards the priest, and with precision and speed
it happened. The girl cut her words off quickly as a guard
behind the old priest clobbered the bug on the head with the
butt of his sword. An audible cracking sound was heard on
the shell of the Thri-kreen as he crumpled to the ground. A
gasp ran like wildfire through the room as all eyes stared
in disbelief. The young girl began sobbing, holding the
priest's unconscious body. A sticky goo of blood and some
inky green substance leaked from the crack in the priest's