Viwrathe Interview

# Friday, December 14, 2001::01:21:12 :: Now logging session to C:.txt Viwrathe has arrived.. Viwrathe gallantly tips his hat.. You bow before him.. You say 'Thank you for coming...'. From now on, you will only hear says and emotes.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'One sec'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I need to end all these tells and shit'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... I have to sleep soon... so, I'll ask these questions.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Ah. Not a full interview right now?'. You say [OOC] 'It's full... I have my shit together.'. Viwrathe nods.. Krogenar grins.. You say 'First off, can you introduce yourself?'. Viwrathe nods.. Krogenar listens.. Viwrathe says 'I'm Viwrathe O'Kartha. Leader of the Shadow Thieves. Original SUR mentor, Member of Nightshade, former of the Zhentarim. And long time lover of Waterdeep.'. You nod.. You say 'What can you tell us about The ShadowThieves?'. Viwrathe says 'The Shadow Thieves? Heh. Well.'. Viwrathe says 'The Shadow Thieves are a great bunch of guys. There's only about 16 actual people in the clan though.'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Viwrathe says 'The rest are a bunch of alts. And 2 of the people are inactive from those 16.'. Viwrathe says 'It's a clan with lots of RP ties to random people. For hit, etc.'. Viwrathe says 'We're the first place people turn with RP of the sort.'. Viwrathe says 'And I enjoy it.'. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. Viwrathe says 'Everyone in the group is extremely close, like a little family. '. You say 'You mean assassinations?'. You say ''For hit, etc'?'. Viwrathe says 'Assassinations? Of course. It's what I love best.'. You say 'Why is that?'. Viwrathe smirks.. Viwrathe says 'What's not to love? You get to kill people. -And- you get paid.'. You say [OOC] 'OK... now OOC for a bit.'. You say [OOC] 'You mentione that you were a mentor of SUR... what's SUR?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'The SUR is one of the first ever groups on this mud. Cults they're called now.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Society for Undead Rights.'. You chuckle politely.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Some old players of this mud. Flask and Tuck they were called. Came to me with the idea. And all three of us went at it.'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Basically they left right away though.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'So I kept it going, and gave it up about a year ago.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Somehow it's still around though.'. Viwrathe shrugs helplessly.. You say [OOC] 'How long have you been a player on WD?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Me? I've been here since August 24th or 25th of 1997. '. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'About a week after WD opened.'. You say [OOC] 'How did you find it so quickly? Do you know the Implementors?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Nah. I used to play a mud called Gemstone off of Aol. And then they started making people pay for the thing.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'So I went to mudconnector, which I had stumbled across.'. You chuckle politely.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And searched for something along the lines of D&D'. You say [OOC] 'Same here. :)'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And.. Waterdeep was the first that came up.'. Viwrathe shrugs helplessly.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I have never played a RoT mud, so I just jumped right in.' Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I had no fucking clue what I was doing.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I was a thief with no circle. I had kick and all.. why would I need circle? :P'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Anyways. Heh.'. You say [OOC] 'Since you've been here so long... how would you say WD has developed?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'WD has come a long ways. I've watched it grow. We used to level back in the mob factory and such, in a completely stock world and code.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Laerkai eq was the best.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] '500 plat was a fortune.'. Krogenar listens.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'It's way different now.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Especially the amount of players.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Heh. There were times I was the only person online.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'That would never happen now.'. You say [OOC] 'Is there anything you miss, from those early days?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Of course.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Back then eq didn't mean much. So people were a lot nicer.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And really there was very little ways to cheat.'. You nod.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Less bitching, less complaining'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'It was a more friendly place. But it's a lot funner now.'. You say [OOC] 'How is it more fun?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'More fun? Well I can go out on an average night and have from 5-15 people I can pk.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Back then there was maybe one or 2 ever, tops.'. You chuckle politely.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And we'd just kill each other, then have a laugh about it.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Not much to work for.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Now we have nice RP in the mud too.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Heh, back then there was none.'. You say [OOC] 'What element of mudding do you enjoy the most, and why?'. You say [OOC] 'Pk, Rp, etc...'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I enjoy my clan the most. Always have. We have good times. Some of these guys I've known forever.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Oh, the PK by far. Although I love to RP, I find rping in table top games a lot funner.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Pk is my thing.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I remember when I first started pking, I'd actually get a little adrenaline pump and get slightly shaky.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Weird shit.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I was hooked.'. You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.. You nod in enthusiastic agreement with Viwrathe.. You say [OOC] 'I still get them...sometimes.'. You chuckle politely.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Heh, yeah. Daryth in our clan, who I know IRL. He still gets them too.'. [HRO M Titan Lic] [LDR of Shadow Thieves] [MA] (RP) [TR] Viwrathe O'Kartha, Shadowlord . You say [OOC] 'I've heard some people tell me that you're the BEST lich they've ever seen.'. You say [OOC] 'Would you agree with that assessment?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Hrmm.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I'm the oldest lich. And because of that I'm the most well known. I can say that.'. You nod at Viwrathe.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And I have experience.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'But I'm not into saying I'm the best.'. +---------------------| Waterdeep 'City Of Splendors' |---------------------+. Name: Viwrathe . Level: 101 . Age: 116 . Race: Titan . Class: lich . Clan: Shadow Thieves. Description:. Viwrathe stands at 8'0 tall. At first, he appears to be merely an .extremely tall human, but those who know him, know better. . Viwrathe is a titan, and an extremely small one at that. His weight  is somewhere near 285 pounds. His long flowing hair a dusty brown, .his eyes deep red. An inner intelligence shines from behind his eyes,.penetrating deep into your soul, violating your very person. He .seems to know all, to see all.. To lie to him would be a waste. His build is that of a thief, nimble and quick, decieving of his unnatural strength granted by his disease. An ancient blade gleams to the side of his flowing grey cloak, underneath a suit of studded leather armor laced with chainmail can be seen, bearing the sign of Mask, the Lord of Shadows.. He looks you over for a moment, wary why you would look at him with such interest, then quickly goes about his business.. .Viwrathe is currently PLAYING.. +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+. You say [OOC] 'You said that your clan, The ShadowThieves was your most favorite element of mudding here.'. Viwrathe nods.. You say [OOC] 'What's it like, being a leader?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Shit, I dunno. I've been doing it forever. I can't really say the difference.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I have a lot of tells coming in at all times though, I'll tell you that.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Which can get annoying at times.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'But I love it.'. You say [OOC] 'How do you handle them?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Usually I answer them all. With many mistells.'. Viwrathe snickers softly.. Krogenar grins.. You say [OOC] 'What kinds of duties do you have as a leader?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Keeping the clan in line, making sure everything runs smoothly. And interviewing new prospects. '. Viwrathe shrugs helplessly.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Nothing too major.'. You say [OOC] 'What advice would you have, for a new clan leader?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Don't act like you're better then your members.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'You're not.'. You nod.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'That's about it. The rest comes from who you are.'. You say [OOC] 'You mentioned that you look for new prospects. What do you look for, in a possible recruit?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I have a long interview setup I use. And I change it every 5 - 10 interviews or so.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Usually takes about an hour.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Sometimes more, Whysk took two hours. Our newest guy.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Look for activity first off.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And the willingness to share, and cooperate.'. Krogenar nods.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And be part of the group.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'If you're a quiet solo pker, no way.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'We're tough on new people we let in.'. Viwrathe chuckles politely.. You say [OOC] 'How do you test for these qualities? Cooperation, etc.'. You say [OOC] 'Activity you can just see...'. You say [OOC] 'And solo PKers are easy to spot.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Like I said, we do a nice long interview. With plenty of questions. And then the clan has a little pow-wow afterwards to see if we like the guy.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'We rip them apart usually.'. You nod.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Verbally. On the clan channel, that is.'. Krogenar grins.. You say [OOC] 'What do the other members ask?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'What do they ask whom?'. You realize your mistake and slap yourself in the head and yell DOH!. You say [OOC] 'You talk about the prospect amongst yourselves.'. Viwrathe nods.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'After I do my thing with them.'. You say [OOC] 'So, the other members - they sit in on the interview?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Yes.'. You nod.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'But they're generally silent.'. You say [OOC] 'What would you say your clans strong and weak points are?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Strong points? We're close. We all get along. We'd all let our characters die, no hesitation, so save another.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'We share everything, eq, plat, etc'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Great pk skills, good activity.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And communication.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Bad points? We have a spammy clan channel. Lol. It gets bad sometimes. '. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And ..'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I really can't say many bad things man. Honestly.'. You say [OOC] 'What kinds of spam?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Well. We get going on things, and everyone is really vocal.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Basically it's like hanging out with a large group of friends, it's loud.'. You smile happily.. You say [OOC] 'How do you think The ShadowThieves would fare, if you were to leave WD?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I wouldn't know. '. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. You say [OOC] 'Do you think they would fall apart? Or stay together?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I'd hope they would stay together. But I can't say honestly.'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'If you were to leave WD today, and never come back - how do you think people would remember you?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'How would I -like- them to remember me? Or how do I think they actually would remember me? '. Viwrathe smirks.. You say [OOC] 'Both, please...'. Krogenar grins.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Alright. Well I think I'd be remembered as a long time player here of course. Someone who helped when he could. Didn't cheat, and was an asshole of course at times. '. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'But fair in pk. With good pk skills.'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Someone you could trust.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I don't break my word. Ever.'. You say [OOC] 'How often do you give your word?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Whenever needed. '. You say [OOC] 'How do you think you will ACTUALLY be remembered.'. You say [OOC] 'Does it follow with how you'd like to be remembered?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Hrmm. After thinking.. I think it'll be somewhere along those lines actually. Which I like.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Although there will be the occasional person who hated me.'. Viwrathe smirks.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'But I'm sure it's mutual.'. You say [OOC] 'What's your real name? Can you give us some basic bio information?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Sure.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'My names Gavin. I live in Oregon. I'm 19. Which means I've been mudding here since I was 15.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'A few of my IRL friends play here too.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Arkain, Sargonist, Daryth, Sevysh, Daerin.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Known those guys forever. 6 or 7 years.'. You say [OOC] 'You in college?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'No. I graduated about 4 -5 months ago, taking a break from school.'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'What do you think you'd like to do, later in life?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Later in life? Hell, had to ask me that.'. You say [OOC] 'It’s ok to say you don't know.'. You smile happily.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I've been looking into being a Police Officer or Fire Fighter for the city of Portland actually.'. You cheer Viwrathe on and wish him good luck!. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I like physical jobs. And helping people.'. You say [OOC] 'Why?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Heh. Refer to above.'. You nod.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Oh'. You say [OOC] 'What changes would you make to WD, if you could? Any change...'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Changes to WD? Hrmm.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Well, a few of the current IMMs I don't like much. '. Viwrathe says [OOC] '*peers around above him for signs of incoming death*'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And I make this apparent to them. Which doesn't go over well.'. Krogenar edges away from Viwrathe.. Krogenar calculates the blast radius.... Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And I'd change the fact that everything takes so damned long after it's announced. But Niss gets fucked on coders a lot.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'So it's not his fault.' Viwrathe says [OOC] 'He's done a great job with the place over the years.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And I appreciate it.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Oh, and Cyric is cool as shit too. '. Viwrathe chuckles politely.. You say [OOC] 'Is there anything about WD, that you'd NEVER want to see change?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Me.'. Viwrathe grins evilly.. You say [OOC] 'If you could have any spell or skill that's here on WD, in real life, what would it be.'. You say [OOC] 'And why...'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Lol. Well, that's an odd question.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I'd want.. hrmm.'. You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I guess the ability to be invisible. I mean hell, who wouldn't want that?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'You could have anything you wanted.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And spy on your friends sister getting dressed.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Sevysh has a hot sister, by the way.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] '*whistles innocently*'. You say [OOC] 'Ah... so you're an ASPIRING peeper...'. You nod at Viwrathe.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Lol. Nah. I'm just messing around.'. You say [OOC] 'Maybe as a fireman you can use the ladder?'. You chuckle politely.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Hrmm. Good idea.'. You say [OOC] 'Tell me about your character - how did you conceive your character?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'This character was an old D&D character of mine.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'An undead lord.'. You nod.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I figured it would be fun.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And, well, it kind of stuck. And now everyone associates Viwrathe with such.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'And they associate -me- with it too. For some reason people think I have fangs and sleep in a coffin IRL.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I blame Sarg.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] ':P'. You chuckle politely.. You say [OOC] 'Do you have anything you'd like to add or ask, before the interview is over?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Hrmm. I'd like to make a few comments that I feel should go here.'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Please go ahead.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] '1.) Seive is a hoser. '. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Let's see what else.'. You cackle gleefully.. Viwrathe says [OOC] '2.) Adrigan is a cornhusker. I'm not joking.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Let's see here..'. You say [OOC] 'Were these prepared statements?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'No.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Well, I always think this.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I mean, it's the truth and all.'. You say [OOC] 'Are you friends with Seive?'. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Of course. :P'. You say [OOC] 'Sarg?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Oh yeah, and I spent the night at Eznors house in Seattle one time. :P'. You say [OOC] 'What's he?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'That was weird.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Sarg? Sarg is my odd friend. He really does love goats.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'It's not an act.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'He even has a goat tattoo.'. Krogenar grins.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I think he's going to give his children horns.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I'm almost afraid.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Hrmm. I guess that's all.'. You bow before him.. Viwrathe bows before you.. You say [OOC] 'How do you think it went?'. You say [OOC] 'Is there anything you wished I had asked?'. You say [OOC] 'Not too late...'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Hrmm. '. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Nah. I'm not much of a person when it comes to revealing who I am. So you got a lot out of me really.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'In fact.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I feel tricked!'. Viwrathe chuckles politely.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'You win this round.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Nah, I'm just messing around. It's cool.'. You smile happily.. You say [OOC] 'Hey! Its my job to get people to talk!'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Oh yeah'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'One more thing'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'To the striders: QUIT FUCKING trying to cleave my sword.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Thank you.'. Viwrathe is using:. <pri. weapon> [....GH.] Blade of the Lichlord. You say [OOC] 'Can you tell me about it?'. You say [OOC] 'The Sword?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Sure.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'It's a unique sword.'. Krogenar eyes the sword.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'I got it from Cyric for doing some things for him.'. You say [OOC] 'Whats unique about it?'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Stats are just that of a DK. ' Viwrathe says [OOC] 'But it's a unique item on the keywords and such'. You nod.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Locate a DK, I don't have it.'. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Locate a 'blade lichlord viwrathe' I do.'. You say [OOC] 'That could be useful...'. You smile happily.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'It's just nice to have.'. You say [OOC] 'Goodnight... and thank you!'. Krogenar bows low.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Thank you too.'. Viwrathe gallantly tips his hat.. You tip your hat gallantly.. Krogenar grins.. You wave.. Viwrathe says [OOC] 'Now go to Ms and I'll kill you.'. Viwrathe smiles happily.. Viwrathe gallantly tips his hat.. Viwrathe prays for transportation!. Viwrathe disappears.. # Friday, December 14, 2001::02:07:58 :: Log Closed.