What will Tripower do? (2)

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 00:41

Aneh waited for the gruff affirmation that the orders would be
followed to the letter. She didn't like zealot guards inside the
city. Her citizens had been through enough for now. "I want guards
to patrol beneath the city also, just in case. I want no one
alone, and I want them fully armed. Experienced patrols only down
there. If they see anything suspicious report immediately, do not
investigate alone."

Aneh moved back around to her chair and took a deep breath. She
let it out, laid her hands flat on the desks surface and addressed
the people in front of her. "The other reason I've called you all
here is because I want each of you picking exemplary recruits in
several fields who show good leadership skills and initiative.
This is a great time to pick those candidates... Give them
responsibility; make it difficult, and see how they float. If
they stand out in your eye and you find yourself relying on them
often, I want their names." She looked into the face of each
person she had gathered. "You have two months to pick five
candidates each. A librarian can be as useful in this as any
military personnel. It's not about physical ability; it's about
dedication and intelligence as well. I don't care where you pull
them, or why, but choose wisely. Your status here now depends on
their success. Do I make myself clear on this?"

When she was sure that she was understood, Aneh took her seat
sat back tapping the desk. "Now let's have it. Questions,
issues, order sanctions. I know you're dying to get down to
business..." And so they submersed themselves in the additional
demands crisis management presented to daily city administration.