Where there's a Will...

Monday, October 12, 2015 - 00:19

Will /wil/

noun 1. The faculty of conscious and deliberate choice of action; volition
related adjectives voluntary volitive 2. The act or an instance of asserting
a choice 3. The declaration of a person's wishes regarding the disposal
of his or her property after death related adjective testamentary a revocable
instrument by which such wishes are expressed.

A warm light flickered to life softly through the grime covered window
of the long abandoned manor. The transients camped outside paid the sudden
illumination little mind, no doubt believing that someone had finally
made their way past the dying magical wards and into the dilapidated
building. Inside a lone figure stoked the once great fireplace with more
kindling and stepped back as the flames took. He cast a quick disgusted
glance over the large dust coated room before grasping a faded sheet
covering a lengthy couch and pulled it away with a single tug. Yet more
dust billowed from beneath the couch as the middle aged man plopped heavily
upon it with a long sigh. From his cloak he drew a neatly folded piece
of parchment and re-read the words upon its surface. He read and re-read
the last paragraph.

I know not who I would still have in the way of allies to whom I would
send you my son. Know only that you must find a way to seal the fissure
within the Tower. Youll have little chance of breaching the Tower defenses,
your best hope is to gain entry the old fashioned way. I need not remind
you of how important it is that ALL fissures are sealed lest someone
stumble inadvertently down the same road I did.

After a long moment he set the note aside on the couch and rubbed wearily
at his eyes. Then, rolling back his sleeve revealing an intricate watch
strapped around his tattoo laden forearm he quickly spun several of the
dials with well practiced ease. In the blink of an eye, he stood before
a blonde woman of small stature who didnt look up from her desk as he

'I need to speak to the person in charge.' he said simply.

Still the woman didnt look up from her work.

'You'll need to make an appointment to see any official.'

The man pulled back his hood, revealing stark white hair that shot in
all directions. A grin twisted one corner of his laugh lined face as
he simultaneously shrugged.

'Consider it made... Ill wait.'

Slowly, deliberately, he set himself heavily into one of the many red
chairs in the lobby and did just that.