Woodland Alert!

Sunday, May 31, 2015 - 19:29

Payne held on tightly as Fandros descended at the twenty plus foot earth
elemental. Drawing closer they saw a woman on the shoulder, Fandros' sharp
dragon eyes took in the woman's desperate face, the tears in her eyes, and
his ears heard her scream out a name, her tone searching. At the last
moment he realized there was more here then met the eye and tried to stall
his vicious dive, but his momentum was too fast and gravity betrayed him.
He could not stop it as he slammed into the elemental watching in dismay as
the woman was thrown off and went flying into the trees. He heard a crunch
as her head smashed into a tree and he roared out for Payne to stop her fall.

Payne jerked a bit as Fandros roared out to her to help the woman, confused
but trusting the dragon above any other, she streaked through the sky her hands
and her voice commanding the trees and the vines to life, forcing them to her
will to slow and stop the deadly drop to the ground. The strange woman hung
limply in the branches of a huge oak and Paynes tiny wings buzzed as she flew
to the womans side. Payne looked at the woman in confusion, who was this
person, dressed in the uniform of a TriPower officer, her hair now matted with
blood. Her head wound was severe and Payne directed the old oak to set her
gently on the ground as Fandros flew to her side, taking his human form to
inspect the wounds on the woman.

Payne flew over to sit on Fandros' shoulder as he prayed softly over the woman
his hands glowing knitting together the bones and skin of the seriously damaged
woman. Payne was amazed that she survived such a hit to the skull and she asked

"Who is she Fandisore, is she evil, why did she attack the forest,
why did you tell me to help her, I dont know if we should have helped
her, what if she really is a minion of Malar. We helped her and now she
will go crazy and kill the forest creatures and summon another of those
horrible elemental things. Are you really sure this was such a good ..."

Fandros' finger over her lips stopped the pixie's verbal bombardment and she looked
up at her big in question. Fandros told her very firmly and very gently;

"Hush little one, let me take care of her or we will get no questions
answered because her brain will swell and she will die."

Beside them the woefully injured woman still managed to mumble in distress;
"Asher, Asher!"

Tears at the corners of her eyes slid down into the gems embedded in her face.
Seeing this Payne frowned, it seemed like the woman was calling out for a child,
the stranger's voice held such love, the same tone Payne had heard in her own mothers
voice when Payne had gotten into some mischief. A tone full of concern and fear and a
desperate love that would tear down mountains if anything should happen to her child.
Payne began to see a different story as she looked around at the forests destruction.

Fandros returned to his chanting as Payne fluttered around the pair looking off in
the forest in concern. Could there be a child lost out there, is this why the woman
was so desperate, desperate enough to tear the very forest down to find him. Payne
grew worried now and fluttered to the ground next to the woman's head whispering in
her ear, though the woman probably could not hear her;

"Stranger, stranger if you can hear me, if your child is out there I will
find him for you I promise. I'm sorry we hit you and made you knock your head."
Payne left the stranger to the dragon priests devices and shot off into the forest
calling for the forest creatures to attend her. Deeper she flew to the west as birds
came winging in her direction and squirrels jumped from limb to limb towards her,
stopping in a small meadow, a small herd of deer appeared, forest wolves slipped from
the shadows of the forest, a bear and a bobcat attended to her call. In her small bell
like voice she called to them all;

"A child is lost, lost in this forest! Please spread out and search, if you see a
human child, come find me!"

Only one of the denizens of the forest had not attended her call and Payne was
concerned, the unicorns would help, why had the unicorns not come when she had sent out
a call for the woodland to attend her. Confused and concerned she took flight once more,
heading north to the Grove of the Unicorns.