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Friday, May 8, 2015 - 00:32

The boy skipped around the garden barreling down paths,
hopping over rocks and attacking imaginary monsters with his
little roar. A voice called out into the gardens and he
held his breath. A monster was coming to steal him and
eat his flesh. In a breath he dropped into super secret mode
deftly avoiding the flesh eating nanny come to drown him in
an icky bath so she could eat him up whole.

Flitting quietly from tree to tree he kept ahead of the
vicious beast. Behind him was his invisible hunting cat,
looking just like momma's, guarding his bath. The creature
from the bowls of hell called out again trying to lure him to
his doom.

"Asher sweetling come now and get your bath before your momma
gets home.

The brave warrior of Tripower circled back around to come up
behind the minion of hell. Little did he notice that his hair
and eyes flickered back and forth going from black with blue eyes
to brown with green as he focused intently on his prey. His
mighty quarterstaff held firmly and correctly just as his poppa
had shown him before he had gone away.

Jumping out of the bushes he let out a might war cry his
staff at the ready as the vicious monster let out a high pitched
scream and jumped in the air.

"ASHER! I will tell your mother about this young man! Now off
you go to the bath!

The horrific beast scooped him up and dragged him kicking and
screaming to the steaming water torture room. Struggling she
stripped him down and tried to drown him over and over again.
He only hoped the snake he found and had shoved in his pants
pocket to show momma later, slithered out and bit the vicious
monster on the toe.

Later shoved into clean pajamas, his hair washed and straighted
he sprawled out on the floor cut down by the nanny monster.
Groaning at his ignoble defeat the boy jumped up excitedly when
he heard his momma call his name as she came in the house. Shouting
his excitment he went barelling down the stairs to throw his little
body at his mother wrapping his arms around her waist and his legs
around hers looking up at her smiling.

"Cookies momma, you promised cookies!

Aneh scooped the boy up in a huge momma bear hug nuzzling and growling
into the boys neck.

"Why so I did, and while we make cookies we will talk about
scaring nanny again.

Asher ignored the scolding tone in his momma's voice smiling happily
and wrapping his arms around her neck laying his head on her shoulder.