The Keepers of Balance

From the burning ashes of chaos, life must prevail, endure, and renew. Toril, left to its own ends by the absence of the Gods, has found itself deeply at odds. Crusaders for right war on one side - pushing for good at any cost, while Death rampages on the other - willing to go to any means for suffering and torment. Governments have banded together in opposition of one another, and many without affiliation are left in the ruins. Political ambitions and extreme polarization has filled the vacuum left in the wake of the Black Church's war on the world. Until now. The Keepers of Balance are a group of individuals seeking to counter the extreme polarization of the world through balance. The chasm left when opposing forces move apart so violently always leaves a void of disarray in its wake. Balance is the understanding that while each and every position has an opposing side, each side is necessary in order to define the other. Good would not exist without evil, nor evil without good; tolerance is required to evoke this depth of understanding. Members have the freedom to pursue any focus within the clan - be it balance between magic and technology, balance between good and evil, balance between riches and poverty, balance between knowledge and ignorance - as long as there is an imbalance in the world of any kind, our members can seek to correct it. Those committed to filling the space between polarities and espousing the ideals of tolerance are welcomed into our halls. Through the spreading of balance and tolerance, we seek to end the age of chaos that has gripped Toril. Though balance and tolerance, we strive to bring into order to what is in disarray. Through balance is the truth, and through truth, balance.
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