The TriPower

In the name of the king, the senate and the people: we are the Tripower. We are government and you are free to follow your own religion, as long as it does not undermine the Kingdom. We offer sanctuary within our lands for your ceremonies, but we are not concerned with your deity. You are free to worship any God, Goddess or tree you so desire. We accept and welcome any alignment as a succesful government needs people of all pursuasions. Good, neutral or evil, we pass no judgement on your lifestyle choices. We take care of our own. All for one, and one for all. Even the dark side of the Tripower will stand to aid any of their fellow citizens in need. We are scientists, inventors, artists, writers, musicians, magicians, soldiers, politicians, citizens and above all, sworn enemies of all things Vector. We have no aggression towards anyone other than Vector. Nevertheless, we will fight to the end to defend what is ours, should the need arise. Furthermore, as with all governments, we cannot be responsible for what our fringe members might happen to do. We welcome all, and invite anyone who harbours a grudge against Vector and anything they may have done to you or someone you know. OOC

Requirements to Join

  • You are second tier and an active roleplayer with basic RP campaign knowledge.
  • You have no alts in Vector. Other clans are fine, but none in Vector.
  • You are not an ass on OOC, not an eq-mule, nor an elitist snob.
  • To start application procedure, write a roleplay-styled letter (note) to "tripower". (This also goes for alts of tripower members)

Tripower Philosophy

  • A clan is for life, so choose wisely.
  • For King and Kingdom: all for one, and one for all.
  • Loyalty is paramount. Clan info is to be kept inside the clan. (note: Sharing such info is penalized with eviction and noclan.)
  • No internal drama. Problems? Note leaders and patron Imm. Keep it off the channels.

Leaving the Tripower

Should roleplay lead to other roads: remember that there is no easy escape. You must RP your way out. Should your character survive, you will wear the Traitor mark and be noclanned for one real life month, destined to walk the lands alone.

Immortal Patron: