2nd Tier

A monk is a combat class similar to mercenaries. They use combinations of punches and kicks to apply affects and mimic the skills and spells of the other classes. This class is considered an advanced class as it takes precise timing of skills to be used effectively. They also use no weapons and using one will actually lower their damage output.

Class Details: 

Key skills/spells

  • Punch: Just what it sounds like, Punches the target.
  • Kick: Not to be confused with the skill for the rest of classes. This is similar to punch.
  • Uppercut: A more powerful punch, this is a finishing move for a combo.
  • Roundhouse: A more powerful kick, this is a finishing move for a combo.
  • Dimmak: The monk opening attack. Does immediate damage followed by a chance to do more damage once a round for three rounds.
  • Switch: Allows the monk to switch the target of their attacks mid combat.
  • Charged Strike: Allows the monk to switch the damage type of both skills and basic hits.
  • Martial: Improves the chances of attacks stringing together into combos.
  • Concentration: Nobody has been able to figure out what this does yet and there is no help file to date.


Tips and Tricks

Monks are a difficult class to play in that you cannot spam attacks. you have to time the entry of commands properly to get moves to string together and produce combos. Combos will provide added effects depending on the damage type being used. Energy based attacks will result in a bleed effect being applied to the target that will do damage for 2-3 rounds after the combo successfully lands. Pierce will result in a gouge affect. A partial listing of combos can be seen below. Some players with stable and fast internet connections have been able to set timers with triggers to make a monk tick.


Creation Guide for Monks

Under construction. However, monks do not need much in the way of spells. most of the spell groups are useless other than detection. Gain punch kick uppercut and roundhouse. Gain all seven attacks and stun, rescue, dimmak, switch, lore, detection, protective.

List of Known Combo Moves



  • Acidic Ooze: punch, uppercut


  • kick punch roundhouse.

  • kick punch uppercut.

  • punch kick uppercut


  • Plague: kick uppercut.


  • Bleed: kick kick kick


  • Ignite: kick punch punch.

  • Disarm: kick punch uppercut


  • Curse: kick punch uppercut

  • Holy Wrath: punch punch kick


  • Ray of Truth: punch kick punch

  • Dispel: kick punch punch uppercut


  • Shocking Grasp: kick punch punch


  • Scare: punch kick roundhouse


  • Dispel: kick uppercut.

  • Dispel: punch kick roundhouse


  • Gouge: punch punch

  • Ravage: punch kick uppercut


  • Poison: punch roundhouse

  • Poison: punch kick

  • Poison: punch uppercut


  • Bleed: kick punch uppercut

  • Bleed: kick punch roundhouse


Class Skills: 
Level 0 lore  
Level 1 dodge enhanced damage
    hand to hand parry
    scrolls swim
    recall martial
    mkick mpunch
Level 5 rescue  
Level 6 fast healing  
Level 7 sneak  
Level 10 second attack  
Level 13 hide meditation
Level 15 dimmak  
Level 20 third attack  
Level 30 switch  
Level 35 fourth attack  
Level 55 fifth attack  
Level 60 concentration  
Level 68 uppercut  
Level 78 roundhouse  
Level 80 envenom  
Level 83 rub  
Level 87 sixth attack  
Level 101 stun seventh attack


Class Spells: 
Level 5 poison 10 min mana        
Level 7 refresh 12 min mana        
Level 8 ventriloquate 5 min mana        
Level 12 farsight 5 min mana        
Level 13 armor 5 min mana        
Level 14 protection evil 5 min mana protection good 5 min mana
Level 15 detect poison 5 min mana        
Level 17 sanctuary 75 min mana        
Level 18 bless 5 min mana        
Level 20 calm 30 min mana        
Level 22 giant strength 20 min mana        
Level 26 plague 20 min mana        
Level 29 haste 30 min mana        
Level 30 charm person 5 min mana        
Level 31 voodoo 80 min mana        
Level 33 shield 12 min mana        
Level 36 stone skin 12 min mana        
Level 38 cure disease 20 min mana        
Level 41 cure poison 5 min mana        
Level 45 cancellation 20 min mana        
Level 48 pass door 20 min mana        
Level 50 control weather 25 min mana        
Level 51 detect hidden 5 min mana        
Level 52 detect invis 5 min mana        
Level 54 detect magic 5 min mana        
Level 56 detect evil 5 min mana detect good 5 min mana
Level 58 charged strike 50 min mana        
Level 67 holy word 400 min mana        
Level 81 know alignment 9 min mana        
Level 82 locate object 20 min mana        
Level 101 create rose 30 min mana create bed 70 min mana