Easter Massacre! 2018


The time of year is upon us for chocolate and family fun!
So while that can be great I think we all could agree that
you could use a break as you slip into a chocolate coma
by hunting down fiendish Bunny Rabbits!

Starting on the evening of March 29th Waterdeep will be
loaded with an unstoppable multiplying force of killer bunnies
that must be pest controlled!

If youre successful you might just attract the attention of
their angry rabid mother, good luck!


Feel free to solo kill as many of the individual bunnies as
you choose, but please be sure to include anyone who wishes
on the mother bunny and lotto the loot evenly.


The Rabid Mother Rabbit was succesfully drawn out of hiding and a team of five was able to deafeat her and split the loot. Kyren, Ribbz, Kerg, Woedevuist, Krenaste.