2 Announcements


Denizens of Waterdeep, we have heard your requests!

Many people have expressed interest in reviving the old clans. We are
announcing that starting now, old clans may petition to return to the
realms. Before a clan may return, they must have at least one mortal
leader and three members. You will be bound by all current rules for
clans and building regulations. All returning clans will be added in at
the same time. The staff as a whole will enforce RP restrictions for all
clans once the old clans are in. We want to see clans roleplay their
alignment/political affiliations. Enemy clans should not be grouped
together to PK a Loner.

In a moment of benevolence, we have decied to allow pfile restores
for a period of a few months. Any pfile that was -self deleted and
having a clean pboard record will be restored. All pfiles will be
returned naked, no exceptions. This is a one-time offer. If you delete
your character again it will not be restored. This offer is NOT extended
to characters that have been wiped or banned for punishment.
Lady of the Forests