Hello my friends.

As always, this place has its ups and downs, its fun and stress, and its activity and lack of it.
We have heard your cries! But we are like Ents, it takes a while for us to talk everything out, and even logner
some times to act on it. But I assure you, we are here and moving forward.

As you have seen, you now have two new imms. One is a new RP imm, that will help kickstart RP campaigns
again and the other will run more IQ's and do more of the stuff that imms need to do for the players. Of course,
both new imms can initiate IQ's or RP respectfully.

We have Vorcet giving tremendous help running the Builder Port, and we have some active builders. If you have
put up an application or still thinking about it, please repost or post you application up to the immortals.
All we expect is you are open to learning. There is a lot to learn, heavily modified OLC code.

Epsilon is back in the shell. Light coding, fixing, heavy coding, he can do it all. We are currently working on some
game changer stuff. This will tie into the EQ epidemic that we have and allow builders to expand thier ideas
and build some crazy stuff.

And now of course me, I am sure you have seen my promotion. This helps us run the game, make changes, and
deal with any / all issues that the staff or the mortals may have.

So, in short, we are here, we are motivated, and we are improving. We aren't going anywhere, summer is nearly
over, and this place will be buzzing again soon.

Thanks for all your support,