Battle Royale


Hello! :)

Well, the AP kill-a-thon hunt isn't even close to being finished! Still
soooo many shirts out there, but don't worry! More hints will be given
out! In the mean time, I will love to organize another type of kill-a-thon.
But one where you kill each other! :D I honestly have a lot of plans
in the future to do many different PK events, however this one will be
quite small due to our activity still being a bit low (I don't want to
over do it!). On Thursday, I will be doing a Mass Arena! Hahaha, now
I know, this isn't very spectacular in the way of ImmQuests, but it has
been a long time since one of these has been done, and even longer since
a large one with AP rewards has been done! So please, promote this on
Facebook! I would love to do it around 6pm WDST (hopefully not too late
for our European friends but hopefully late enough for most people to
be off work). If you can't make it don't fret! I will do more!

The rewards will be: 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 AP for the top 5 contenders.
However! There must be at LEAST 10 people participating! Any less and
there will be no rewards! But to give everybody a fair chance, If there
are enough people around yet not enough people join, I will run a second
one. I will also give notifications 5-10 minutes prior to the arena so
everybody can get prepared!

Thank youuu. :) Have fun!

--;--<8 Aeris