Best of 2014


Ok folks. Its that time again. Time for the "Best of" voting.

I know this has been tried by various people the last few years only to have
it get forgotten or neglected in the end, but I will be handling the voting this
go round. That being said here are the rules.

1) ONE set of votes per PLAYER, not Pfile. If i even suspect someone of
attempting to cheat this rule, I will scrap the entire thing and publicly
post the name of the Character that caused it.

2) This is NOT a popularity contest, PLEASE try to take the voting at least
somewhat seriously. Give the title to someone that actually deserves it.

3) Do not vote for imms for titles unless it is a title that is specifically FOR

4) If I see votes in the same category for different alts of the same person
(that I'm aware of) I Will be combining these into one alt's totals. This
has not been done in previous years and it caused a few people to lose
awards they would have otherwise gotten.

5) As I collect votes, I will flag your note as "Done" so you can tell I counted
your vote.

6) You MAY post your votes publicly if you wish to do so. However, it is in NO
way required. If you post "Privately" please post to immortal as well as
Vorcet. This will remove any suspicion of me "cheating" the vote for people
as it will be easily verifiable by a third party if it becomes necessary.

Categories Will be posted in the NEXT NEWS.