Bob the Ogre IQ completed!


The Bob-kill IQ is over! Lots of fun to be had here, and we really
got to put monks (well, -a- monk) through their paces.

Here are the overall stats for the IQ, along with the chatter log:

It will be available for roughly 1 year.

All participants get a 20AP shirt!

Xeptimus Arcturus Leroy Akihiro Bryce Pinkelstein
Nydia Vett Golamus Armona Psycho Shandelzare
Yeenoghu Ahdonis Tenchi Orn Laozi Marlo

All non-participants get a pat on the head upon request!

Cyress Aeron Mortis Vladimar Kronk
Slothe Koth Matheus Syun Sliver

Superlatives are as follows:

Best and Worst:
Highest total damage: Pinkelstein is the damage master with
9283068 damage.
Most damage taken: Bryce was a rock, tanking 5590060 damage.
Best single attack: Marlo hit with a cleave for a massive
3128 damage!
Best single meteor: Nydia rocked for 963 damage.
Most scrolls recited: Tenchi supported the run with 1065
Most full heals: Laozi restored 325 people.
Most flees: Laozi punked out 64 times.
Most deaths: Tenchi gleefully dived off the mortal coil 14
Most times rescued: Bryce was bailed out 14 times.
Most rescues performed: Bryce bailed out 58 people.
Most replenishes cast: Yeenoghu juiced up 1100 people.
Most replenishes received: Leroy is a pro ballplayer, having
been juiced 347 times.
Most times disarmed: Bryce "Oops"ed 246 times.

So, the prize breakdown is being determined by

People who participated are in drawings for the following prizes.
Winners follow the name of each prize:
a moonstone choker on a cord of blue steel : Golamus
a pair of blue steel gauntlets : Orn
a miniature Sea of Dirac : Ahdonis
a blue steel ioun stone : Arcturus
a silver, crimson-hilted katana : Pinkelstein
a mithril, ebony-hilted katana : Shandelzare
the Sephirotic Staff : Nydia

Happy 16th, WD!