Clan Structure Changes


As a One time shot, We are offering for clans to choose the PK status
of their clans going forward. If the majority of the people in the clan
want to become Pure PK or pure NPK, new rules will be enforced.

Given that all pfiles are togglers, a character in a pure NPK clan that
toggles to PK while in the clan will be set as an outlaw for a epriod of 6
months. The same would be true in reverse for a pure PK clan.

Clans may still choose to be combo, in which case these new rules do not

Any clan that successfully gains NPK status will have their void entrance
removed to make them unraidable, Their clanhall maze will become a "closed"
area to prevent entry.

Ensure you take the time to get your entire clan's decision on this as it
will become permanent as of the old clans returning that are doing so.

Thank you
The Staff

PS: spelling, grammar, whatever :p