Cornrow Maze IQ Closing


Since the Halloween IQ area was a little late for Halloween, I kept
it open for an extra week. This Sunday I'll be tearing it down.

It will reappear next year for Halloween with some modifications, but
the IQ items attained within will remain useful, year to year.

Congrats to the players who braved the area and those few who were
able to defeat Rotten Ol' Jack.

Also thanks to Startigress for developing the backstory, the mob design
and most of the room descriptions. That was a great collaboration and I
hope we can do it again soon.

My next IQ area will be related to the Global Roleplay storyline.
It will be competitive in nature (as in, team play and team rewards) and
will feature the roleplay of TriPower and Vector. You don't have to be
a roleplayer to enjoy the area, however.

Thanks for playing,

-The King Who Crawls