Direction of the MUD.


tl;dr at the end.

As y'all have noticed, I've been doing a lot of changing up of old stuff instead
of adding new stuff. There's a reason for that; as it stands, a lot of the stuff
on the code side of things is badly confusing. I don't mean in a "Eppy doesn't
understand code" sense - I mean in a "stupid decisions" sense.

The most immediate pet peeve is that there's code to reduce damage depending on
how much is done. Did you know that acid blast does 101d22 damage at hero? Bet
you didn't. Also bet you've never gotten 1000 damage out of an acid blast. ;)
Having code like this makes it difficult to add stuff quickly; there are simply
too many variables and hacks and patches on the back end to take into account
if I don't want to immediately hose balance.

I want to fix these problems A: in as non-disruptive a manner as possible, and
B: with future balance and ease-of-calculation in mind. As such, my current plan
is to work mostly with behind-the-scenes changes - numbers and the like.

It doesn't mean I won't be doing other changes or new stuff - just not as much.
Once these changes are in effect though, it'll make it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to add
skills and spells - you'll actually be able to compare them to other skills,
instead of wild guessing what they'll do based on the numbers.

tl;dr: Coding mostly infrastructure stuff for now, but that doesn't mean I'm not
listening to your ideas - just that I might not get to them for a while.