End of Year Contest: New Food Items


Courtesy of our Illustrious Coder, Kelemvor: a new set of foods
will be added to the 'create food' spell, which will allow for
foods that encourage more roleplay.

We are actively seeking suggestions for new foods.

Our goal is to allow a wide enough variety of foods to
support all kinds of roleplay. Foods that cover some of
these categories would be great!

* vegetarians, carnivores
* magical, non-magical and vaguely magical
* Final Fantasy- and Forgotten Realms-themed
* pastries, cookies, breads
* candies, candied foods, nuts, berries
* vegetables, raw and cooked
* meat dishes, raw and cooked (fish, poultry, red meats)
* soups, chowders
* foods suitable for villains or heroes

Some or all of the older foods will be retired in favor of
foods that are more encouraging to roleplay. New ideas for
foods are being accepted into the New Year. If your idea is
accepted you will receive an AP reward to be determined by the
staff. To enter a suggestion, post an idea in the following

keywords: nutrient slurry cannister
short: a nutrient slurry cannister
long: a nutrient slurry cannister is here.
lore: Designed specifically for podrikevs and other magical
constructs this highly processed sludge contains whatever
nutrients are necessary for the maintenance of their exotic
digestive systems.

Some other possibilities:

* Elminster's Spruce Sap Gum
* rainbow-colored kupo nuts
* roasted chocobo drumstick
* bowl of steamed rice

There is no guarantee that a suggestion will be taken. The
suggested foods should be foods that are somewhat portable in
nature. High-end food items are something we might do in the

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