Halloween approaches


Fall is upon us and Halloween is just around the corner.
There will be several events planned for Halloween that
will give WD a little seasonal flavor and provide some
fun events.

Firstly I want to get all you writers started.
The largest reward for the Halloween events will be
A scary story contest.
Entries can be as long or short as you want.
Entries should be in character.
The winner will be selected based upon whomever writes the SCARIEST story.
The reward for winning is 200ap and a custom bracket.

Second all runs will get a limited time Halloween Theme.
Eq will be the same but all mobs will be updated.
There will be special AP mobs placed within the runs.
If I notice the runs being worked I will make them
extra special.

Lastly there will be a costume contest.
I will restring items for free as the relate to costumes.
The costume contest will evaluate your eq and description.
The finalists will be selected by me and winner will be chosen
by player votes.

There are many seasonal holidays to come.
Let us rise from our graves and bring out the dead.
Murdertrain keeps a-rolling