Immortal Quest: Saturday, Oct.8, 9:00 PM WDST


Hello everyone!

I've been trying to think of some fun Immortal Quests for the mud,
and I've got an idea I'd like to try out. It's based on a party
game alternately known as 'Mafia' or 'Werewolf'. I'm calling the
IQ 'Red Wizard'. If you're familiar with the game, skip to the
bottom red TL:DR section. If not, keep reading.

The basic premise is: Who wins in a contest between an informed
minority and an uninformed majority?

The game would require a minium of 10 players, and the game would
require about 1.5 hours to complete, with all the players willing
to remain until the game is over. Here's the setup:

All of the players are (outwardly) villagers. Of the ten (or more)
players, two of them are actually 'Red Wizards' of Thay, evil sorcerers
from a far-off land sent to destroy the village.

Of the remaining players, just one is a 'Seer', who has a special
ability I'll explain later. The first round of the game is daytime,
and the first daytime round (and each afterwards) lasts a maximum of
5 minutes of real game time. Villagers can talk to one another, etc.

The next night, the two players who were designated as 'Red Wizards'
will be told that they can start communicating with one another via
tells. All the remaining villagers must remain quiet during this time.
The wizards (or wizard) pick a villager.

In the morning, that selected villager is found murdered, and that
player's real identity (Seer, or ordinary villager) is revealed.
On that day (and each following day) the villagers must vote on who

That player is then LYNCHED (dead, removed from the game) and their
true identity is revealed. Hopefully, the villagers choose the villager
that's actually a Red Wizard. Maybe they choose their own Seer?

Right after the villagers have decided who to lynch, the Seer (if alive)
can select a villager to investigate psychically - and that player's real
status will be revealed to the Seer by me. In this way, the Seer can
discover who the real Red Wizards are. Obviously, if the Seer lets others know
their real identity, they probably won't survive the night.

The Wizards, meanwhile, try to sow discord during the daytime, and select
who to murder at night - hopefully finding the Seer.

And so it goes - if all the Red Wizards are rooted out via lynching,
then the Villagers win. If the ratio of Red Wizards to Villagers becomes
1 to 1 (2 villagers and 2 wizards, etc.) then the Red Wizards win.

During the Daytime discussion period, players are expected to lie, lay
low, try to convince others who the real Wizards are, etc. Players
with high public perceptions of deviousness (Leroy, Vorcet, Relic, etc.)
will probably spend a lot of time denying wrongdoing. During that period
villagers will decide who to LYNCH. Votes may or may not be public.
And yes, the hidden Red Wizards get to vote!

The advantages of this game? It's purely social (for now) and anyone
can play, no matter what your level. If it works out, new villager
roles could be introduced, or other variations can be used.

TL:DR - Bottom Line it for Me, Torog!

I need a minimum of 10 volunteers to try out a new type of IQ.
It will require around 1.5 hours to play (probably less) but if you
commit to play, you must stick around until the game ends, or it falls
apart. Any level character can play, I just expect you to know how to
use the mud channels.

The IQ (if there's enough people) will start on November 8, 9:00 PM WDST
Send me a note if I can count on your participation. Of course, if we
get a huge turnout, then I'll add in a few more Red Wizards, and maybe an
additional Seer, and we'll all take part.

Input, ideas, concerns are welcome.

Torog, The King Who Crawls