Introducing: Jergal


Greetings to all players of Waterdeep.
I have evaluated the rate of death in this world and found
that fewer and fewer of you are dying. I welcome your end.
I value your deaths. It brings me great pain to see less
of you meeting your end. So in an attempt to cause death
I will entertain and you in the best way that I know how.

Firstly I will return a regular schedule of event to Waterdeep.
A Calendar of events will be posted and all Waterdeep Holidays
and rituals will resume effective as of now. The first event
will be a celebration of the opposite of death.

Waterdeep's 18th Birthday!
Waterdeep has escaped the grasp of death for many years.
This year is no different! August 16th!

In celebration there will be two Major events;with real rewards!

Best in Class - noon
Best of the Best - after Best in
Tug of War - night

Best in class is an arena based event where we will determine the
best character in that class for the year. Reward will be ID cards
Stating the Best of Category that the character achieves. All winners
in their respective category will face off in a winner take all mass
arena where we will crown the Best of the Best.

Tug of War is a new event style that I have devised. It is a skill
based event where teams will compete against each other. The goal
will be to drag a scoring rock to a scoring location. After each
score the rock and the goal will change locations. The first to
5 points win. Any player killed during the event is eliminated
and the team must continue without the dead member. Teams are
made of 3 players, and can be of any pk status.

The First team to win 3 tug of wars will receive a special prize.

Greetings - Jergal