IQ Events


Okay, due to the overwhelming popular demand of I'm going to be setting
up a bit of a "system" for IQs. It will still be Immortal run, but designed
so that in the future perhaps players can start events of their own.
Basically it will be some sort of hostile takeover of popular run areas,
cities and towns (ones that don't endanger newbies.) I had fun with the
Fred event, so I will probably be using that mob and type of RP scenario
(zombies are always fun:) but suiting the mobs more towards my needs
and the environment that they will be loaded in. For instance, the zombies
won't be generic zombies, they will be zombies of the mobs around them,
to make more RP sense.

Like I said it will still be immortal controlled at first, so when I
am on if you feel you can organize a good enough group, you can pay me
some AP to get it started. The AP payment is required to prevent people
from starting IQs that they can't finish. Instead of having AP on every
mob, there will be a lump sum at the end, so if you don't finish you
lose out on your AP. However, the reward will be great enough to make
the initial cost worth it.

I am also thinking about making 2 difficulties, so if you have a lot
of support you can choose a harder loadout of mobs for an even bigger
reward (in order to make it worth spending the AP to open it) because
I understand IQ's are non-exclusive, so opening one for 100 AP but having
18 people to split the reward amongst wouldn't be worth it. And might
not be fun if you just breeze through.

Let me know what you guys think about this type of system. If it doesn't
sound like fun, and other types of IQs are what you want, then tell me
that as well. :) I'll get to work on this very soon as long as people
want it!