Monthly Town-Hall Meeting Plan


Hello all,

Moving forward, as we've mentioned in the past, we would like to make
things more transparent between the immortal staff and the mortal players
who make up this game. Our community is what makes us different from
other MUDs/games, and is what makes or breaks us.

We are committing to having a monthly town hall to provide status updates
and a better chance for players/immortals to voice opinions, discuss
approach, and explain the status (or problems) with certain things that
might be suggested.

Additionally, we will be working on a special type of IQ event that would
come paired with these meetings, but we are still discussing that.

The questions we need answered, to all or immortals (your preference):
* Which day of the week and time (with timezone) work best for you?
* What do YOU want the immortals to prepare for the meetings each month
so that you feel they are valuable?

A schedule has not yet been determined, but we will take in the above
into heavy consideration when choosing one.

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