MUD downtime


I just received an e-mail from the company hosting the server the
MUD is on; recent security vulnerabilities are requiring the server
hosting the MUD to be rebooted:

Your Linodes have been assigned a maintenance window in which
a reboot will occur. These times are listed within the Linode
Manager in the timezone set in your user's My Profile. Your
schedule in UTC timezone is as follows:

* 2015-03-08 2:00:00 PM UTC - WD_MUD_Node

This equates to 9am WDST, and 6am PST which is my local time.
Unfortunately, I probably won't be up at this time... but I'll

This means a couple of things for the MUD:
- It'll probably look like a dirty crash - you'll just suddenly
lose connection.
- Any progress before you save will probably be lost. To be fair,
this isn't any different from any other crash.
- The MUD -may- not come back up after the node reboot. I'm going
to twiddle the server to see if I can get the MUD to autorun on
boot, which I should have done anyway. If not, I'm sure people
will flip the fuck out on Facebook. I know at least some people
also have my phone number if you're REALLY desperate.

Now, on the bright side of things:
- This won't be the first time the MUD's been shut down dirty. It'll
- I've been keeping good backups since I took over server admin back
on July 3rd, 2014:
This means that based on when the backups run (4am, If I remember
right,) you'd lose a maximum of 2-4 hours of work if something
REALLY fucked up.

Unfortunately, there's no way around this downtime - because it
involves security vulnerabilities, they're not fucking around. If you
want more information, you can eyeball Linode's post here: