Newbie Comments!


This message is for those folks who have been playing the mud 6
months or less. I would like to solicit your impressions about
Waterdeep. Let me know if you find the players and staff friendly.
Do you enjoy the different areas? Is there something you wish the mud
had, but don't see? What do we do well here? What could be improved?
I want your honest answers and impressions to help us make the MUD as
newbie-friendly as we can. Please keep your comments constructive,
however. If you have a big complaint about something, try to offer a
solution to the situation. Note ME individually (do not spam
immortal). I will compile comments and suggestions to act as liaison
between players and the rest of the staff.

Older players, your chance is coming soon. I will try to schedule
a real-time town hall meeting when my real life allows.

The Meadow Maiden