Our Status


Happy Morning Waterdeep Let's do this vote thing! We're already #13 after
an impressive voting streak for the past 5 days or so, we're doing amazing.
We have 38 votes total! If every person in the FB group voted once we'd
hit #1 immediately hahaha (and that's not even everybody!) while that's
not likely to happen it's an awesome indicator that every single vote
is especially important!

We have already garnered several newbies (almost all of whom have actually
sticks around!) so this is very successful! So successful in fact that
I want to work on refurbishing our Topmudsites listing as well. I won't
be annoying you guys with voting requests there too but what I would
love to do is pay for a little advertising to get some banner clicks.
It will absolutely mean more newbies. So if anybody can find or make
a sweet little flash banner that would be absolutely amazing.

Thank you for all your participation in this, regardless! It's awesome
to see all the newbies and it's so so incredible to see some of our old
players returning! I promise you all that we are still working to get
things fixed and changed up there, and there WILL be more stuff to come!!
Just sit tight and keep it up! Hopefully soon we will be able to post
a news with the upcoming plans we have in store. Thank you all again.

(P.S. If you are new and reading this - Welcome to Waterdeep!)
(P.P.S. And if you are old and returning and reading this - Welcome Back!)
(P.... For everyone else - Happy Monday, haha)

--:--<8 Aeris