Phouse Contest


I will be holding a contest to see who has the most well built, well
described, and functional phouse in the game. (My own is obviously
excluded). The things I will be looking for are as follows.

* Quality of room descriptions.
* Placement of furniture, fountains, etc. Does it make sense to the room.
* Addition of mobs, portals. Do they make sense for the house?
* Completeness: Are all rooms described? does the layout make sense.

A prize will be determined by me depending on the amount of participation
I get for this, but could include things like custom items, mobs, or other
such things.

What I need from you to enter your house into considderation is the vnum
of the first room of your house. This can be found by typing "prop info"
in the first room. I will close submissions at the same time I stop
taking votes for "best of".

I look forward to your submissions!