Possible ImmQuest!


Hey everybody, while I am awaiting the ability to change areas to have
Double XP I have thought of a new IQ I can run! And this will be able
to be done at any time! All I have to do is be there at the beginning.
So here's my idea, if I get 3 groups willing to take it on, then I will
do this!

So, I will make (or find) an area with a few rooms (5-7ish) and load
a series of mobs. 1 in each room. You pick a group of 3 people (any class
combination you want) and when you can all be on, you attempt to finish
all the mobs. You can bring anything in you want (grand arena style)
nothing is off limits. But you cannot flee or recall. Depending on how
far you've progressed you can leave at any time and collect AP, or continue
to the next mob (you won't know what it is until you're in the room).
But if you die you lose it all!

I need 3 groups of 3 that are interested, and I will set this up. I will
try to be flexible on times, so when you're available I will do my best
to be there to set things up for you, just let me know in advance!

Have funnnnn!

Also votevotevote! Still at #20!

--:--<8 Aeris