Red Wizard IQ - Friday, Feb. 20th @ PM Eastern ST


Backstabbing! Lies! Betrayal! Murder! Lynching the Innocent!

My goal: the biggest turnout for a Red Wizard IQ possible.

If you've never played Red Wizard, don't worry it's easy to pick
up the rules, and it's not combat-based, so all players from
newbie to veteran are welcome to participate. Even an immortal
plays once in a while. (They're usually lynched immediately.)

The basic setup requires a minimum of 7 players. All 7 of the
players appear to be simple villagers, except two of them are
actually Red Wizards of Thay sent to destroy the village from
within. The entire game is played on the qgossip channel.

The game alternates day and night cycles, starting with a night
cycle. The two wizards know who they are, and communicate via
tells. They decide which villager to murder that night, and
they can supply the way in which the hapless villager is killed.

In the morning, the Villagers (and Wizards pretending to Villagers)
awake to find one among them dead. Then the remaining players
(and Wizards) vote on who to lynch, in an attempt to rid the
village of a Wizard. During that period, players are encouraged
to lie, misrepresent what happened in previous rounds, and not
stay too quiet, because everyone knows the quiet ones are almost
certainly Red Wizards hoping to stay under everyone's radar.

Villagers vote on who to lynch using a script I wrote, and some
poor bastard (or evil Wizard) is sent to hang by the neck until dead.
And so it goes, alternating day and night cycles until either
the Red Wizards reach numerical parity with the Villagers and
therefore win, or the last Red Wizard is rooted out. In that
case, the Villagers win.

AP is handed out every round, so everyone 'wins' to some degree.

There are also additional 'roles' for players aside from just
'Villager' and 'Red Wizard'. These are:

'Seer' - at the beginning of every night cycle, the Seer tells
the moderator (me) via tell, which player they would like to
investigate using their psychic abilities. Assuming they and
their target survive the night, I tell them the target player's
actual role. In this way, the Seer can find out who the Wizards
are. The tricky part -- getting the other Villagers to vote to
lynch the Wizard without arousing suspicion and becoming their
target at night.

'Harper' - The Harper role is on the Villager team, and before
night begins can optionally select a player to protect from
Wizardly attack at night. They cannot select themselves.

'Keeper' - The Keeper role has the option to kill any other
player at the moment of their death by either lynching or murder.

'Conspirator' - This player appears to be a Villager, but is
actually playing on the Wizard's side. They actually KNOW the
identities of all Wizards in the game, but the Wizards don't
know the Conspirator's identity. The Conspirator will do
everything in their power during the daytime cycle to shift
suspicion AWAY from the Wizards. If the Wizards win, they win.

'Prince' - The player with this role is a Mulhorandi prince,
and therefore above suspicion. If selected for lynching during
the daytime phase, they will reveal their real role, and not
be lynched for that round. The villagers will not be required
to lynch anyone that day.

'ArchWizard' - the ArchWizard, if lynched, will choose any
single other player to kill. Because they're that powerful.

The basic game is 7 players: 2 Wizards, 1 Seer, and 4 Villagers.
For every additional two players beyond 7, I will add an extra
role to the game, and a villager. If we can manage to get 15
players at once, the ArchWizard role will be used.

TLDR: Red Wizard IQ is Friday, Feb. 20th @ 9 PM EASTERN.
If you cannot make the start time, it will go on until midnight,
and since it is round based, you can join the next round.

When we have 11 players, I'll put a Red Wizard's Cowl IQ Item
into the mix. If we get 15 players, I'll restring a mummy wrap
into something really nice.

Whomever is in charge of the FB page, please post this note!
I posted it already, but it doesn't seem to have hit the main
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